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    I'm pretty much 100% out of my area of knowledge when it comes to German stuff, particularly Imperial German. I just got these ribbon bars in a batch lot of ribbons. I can ID the WW2 ones for the most part, but the Imperial ones...aside from the Iron Cross (of course) I'm pretty much a loss at. My questions: are any of these ribbon bars "interesting" or unusual ones? Or are they all kind of common? I think the bigger Imperial one is pretty interesting with the devices...but that's just because I'm not familiar with them. 

    Thanks in advance for any help!





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    There are three that I really like.

    1) The ribbon bar with the 25 Device on it is the following (I believe)-This guy was an officer and most likely a pretty senior one. ~going Left to Right

    Prussian 1870 Iron Cross Second Class with 25 Oakleaf

    Prussian House Order of Hohenzollern, Knight's Cross with Swords

    House Order of Hohenzollern with swords (merit medal)

    Knight’s Cross with Oakleaf of the Order of the Zähringer Lion in 1st or 2nd Class

    Bavarian Military Merit Order with crown and swords (officer level); either 3d or 4th Class

    Order of the Griffon (State Order of the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin) either 2d or 3d Class

    Kaiser Wilhelm I Centennial Medal


    2) The one with the 1914 EKII and with two wreaths is as follows:

    1914 Iron Cross 2d Class

    Bavarian Military Merit Order with crown and swords (officer level); 4th Class (has silver swords and crown)

    Württemberg Order of Military Merit

    Baden Karl-Friedrich Order of Military Merit (awarded to officers)

    *Two others I don’t know


    3) The 4-place ribbon bar with white ribbon and black stripes

    1914 EK II (non-combatants)

    Prussia War Merit/Effort Cross

    Hindenburg War Cross (non combatants)

    *Last one I don’t know




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    9 hours ago, Stogieman said:

    Agree with Paul, a couple of very interesting bars. First time I have seen a miniature 25 Year Oaks

    But why isn´t there a ribbon from the Kriegsdenkmünze and the ribbon from the MVO ist post 1913,

    that doesn´t make sense IMO?!

    Kind regards

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    After some thoughts and some discussion with the member Leutwein, I have doubt on the ribbon bars as well.

    Leutwein pointed out, that this ribbon bar (with the MVO4mKrX) should be, at least, to a Major-rank. But there is no long service medal for 25 years, which he should received basically. 

    Beside this, it looks like a construction after the 1930s, and I'd like to refer on below link (thanks, Leutwein!)


    BR, Chris


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    Thanks guys! I truly do appreciate the assistance. I quite literally am clueless when it comes to anything Imperial German related. I collected TR at one time, but that was 30+ years ago, so even with that, I'm very rusty!

    I bought these in a bag of what I believed to be all WW2 to modern US military ribbons from the estate auction of a fellow who bought his militaria at local flea markets for about 50 years. I was quite surprised when I pulled these out of the bag! 

    Luckily, I've been able to break even on my cost by selling the US ribbons in the bag, so these are pretty much "gravy" on top of that. Since there's some question on the bars, I'll post them up on eBay and let the bidders make their own decision(s) on them. If I can get maybe $5-$10 a bar, I'll be a very happy camper!

    Thanks again for your help, it is most appreciated! If you're ever looking for help with US or Soviet militaria, I'd be happy to reciprocate where I can!



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