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    Statutes of the Royal Victorian Order

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    I can't find the mentioning of the medal of the order for foreigners is to have a white center stripe.


    Oh, I see it was mentioned in the newer statutes in the first link. 

    Does anybody know when it was added?

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    I can't find the Statute in the  Gazette, but in the authoritative book "Royal Service, Volume 1" it is stated that the King approved the central stripe on 13 Sept 1951 and the Statute was dated 15 Oct 1951. This information appears in a chapter relating to the Victorian Medal and there is no indication as to whether it applies to all grades of the Order.



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    So, presumably, the white stripe is to indicate, when only ribbons are worn, that it IS the lowest of the grades of the order.  Which makes sense to me, as the sort of people who earn such things usually do not want to be mistaken for members of the hoi-polloi if they are in fact nobs of the nobbiest sort! ;)

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    Awarded to foreigners I believe it was pretty much used as a 'court medal' during state visits.

    Court officials normally wear the full medal set (not a ribbon bar), so maybe that's the reason for not differentiating bronze, silver and gilt medal ribbons.

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