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    HI Guys,

    I recenty got this ribbon bar. The fifth ribbon is the Order of Malta. I am not sure about the 8-10th ribbon. Maybe Oldenburg House Order, Austrian MVK and turkish Osmanie-Orden?

    I think an ID could be possible here?

    Definitely someone with Nobility.

    All the Best,


    EDIT: Sorry for the Upside Down Pics. No Idea....



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    Hi Nicolas,

    the 5th ribbon is the Dienstauszeichnungskreuz

    the 8th Friedrich August Kreuz 2. Klasse or Hausorden Oldenburg

    the 9th some sort of austrian Order am Kriegsband

    the 10th Baden Zähringer Löwe


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    Hi there,

    could the yellow ribbon be the Zentenarmedaille? It is the least "valued" Prussian one, not even featured in the RL, so every medal after that on the bar has to be non-Prussian on a Prussian bar, which they obviously are.


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    By the way. Do you guys have pdf ranklist with a search funktion? That would make the time spent on looking extremely low.

    Yes, the Osmanie was my first thought, too.

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    As Rick said a long time ago:

    Double Royal and Princely Hohenzollerns are quite scarce (60)

    so only 60 persons...... in addition with the other awards it shouldn't be too hard to find someone. 

    I just don't have the correct ranklists, can't anyone have a short look to help me out?

    It is is impossible for me to find the person in my 1913 Ranklist (Paperback!)

    How do I know if the third ribbon is the Princely or Royal House Order with Crown?



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