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    Queen ( Belgian!) Elisabeth helmet

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    Thise nice fellow came allong.

    On my list since I was 13 years old....

    I am using the sellers pic here, if all goes well I should have it by the end of the summer holliday.





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    Hey Simon,

    the helmet have been developed by the Belgian doctor Weekers, specialized in ophthalmology, and financed by Queen Elisabeth (the Belgian one!). It was ment to protect the entyre head (and eyes in particular) in a better way, and still be able to see the enemy.

    By 1915 no more then probably 1000 where distributed.

    The Americans had a more or less similar helmet, at that periode.

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    Stuka : Queen Elizabeth , the consort of King Albert I was bavarian , daughter of Herzog Karl Theodor , The Duke was an ophtalmologist and cured many people with visual diseases . the sense of sight was for him nearly a obsession and a passion . his daughter appears to have the same preocupation . Nice helm , at first look i tought that it was for tankmen . 

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