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    emblem of NJG

    The famous "Englandblitz" of a diving eagle clutching a bolt f lightning descending upon a map of Britain. Originally it was not a night fighter emblem at all but was devised by Victor M?lders, brother of Werner, while he was member of 1./ZG 1 in 1940. He took the emblem with him when he moved to the night fighters in June that year - Do217, He 219, Ju 88, Bf 110.

    * Note, this is the same pin than the one shown by Jos on post 55

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    Post # 57 from Jos shows Oberleutnant der Reserve Woidich, Franz

    * 02.01.1921 Znaim/M?hren

    + 05.07.2004

    Ritterkreuz am: 11.06.1944

    als: Leutnant der Reserve

    Funktion: Flugzeugf?hrer 3./JG 52

    Unit pins are the one for JG 52, a winged sword on a red and black shield. Intriduced in June 1940, latest about until 1943, Bf 109E, F & G.

    Not syre about the other one, staffel unit or JFS pin.

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