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    Rings with military connection? ID?

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    Good evening Gentlemen!

    Got this photo of a German soldier who wears two rings that might be connected to certain units or branches of the military.

    Can anybody ID the rings or sport an educated guess?




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    Hi Chris,

    thank you for the reply. You´re right, he wears three rings. The Flugzeugführerabzeichen came to my mind, too. The design of the eagle seems unusual for a German one in this period. I wonder if it could be early Reichswehr.


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    On 19/11/2017 at 01:39, Bayern said:

    Gentlemen : Probably the young man is member of a Freikorps air unit . and the badge on the ring ,to my view ,is the Zeppelin one 


    On 19/11/2017 at 08:02, GreyC said:

    Hi Bayern,

    thank you for your suggestion. As I am not quite sure what badge you are referring to, can you give an example, please?




    Please Sir...,

    Thank you as always Bayern




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    Tony : I relied only in my memory . remembering that the luftschiffers had a badge . but after verification i need to say that i was wrong the badge for the airshippers existed but was oval .but the badge on the ring still appears to be Naval .because the bird is facing left.

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