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    A Masonic Badge?

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    • 2 months later...

    Not Masonic but another carnival medal, IMO. This one carries the coat of arms of the city of Leoben which is located in Austria. Not sure if immediately obvious but the maker stamp on the verso should be that of Schwertner & Cie. of Graz.

    While I wouldn't be able to date it, the company responsible for producing the piece is still in business and can be contacted here: https://www.schwertner.at/.

    All in all, a neat piece, congrats!



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    It could be an older decoration of the Schlaraffia Reych No. 239 "An der Leuben" (Leoben).

    You can find this motif on several badges and decorations of this Reych, partly combined with an eagle owl (Uhu), e.g.:

    Reych 239

    But I cannot find it in an extensive Schlaraffia directory and not in the internet presence of the Reych 239.


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    • 2 months later...

    Hi Bayern,

    "Many people in Austria viewed the societies like Schlaraffia ,as proto masonic"

    I don't think that. These are complete different societies, and especially in Austria a lot of people know the differences.

    Freemasonry is a serious and secretive activity of its members, a closed society.

    The members of the Schlaraffia do not take themselves seriously, and humour is one of their basic statements. Anyone can attend their meetings as a guest. The members are a little bit crazy, but in a very pleasant and friendly way. They use crazy names, and they give some crazy awards and titles. It is very difficult, to translate these names, awards and titles.

    For Example: Name "Prassel, das phonetische Wunder"; awards are e.g. Hausorden, Elefantenorden, Hosenbandorden, Großursippenorden; titles are e.g. "Heidjer mit Blitz und Hagel", "Markgraf am Hofe der Nibelungen", "Edler von Utkiek" and several other curious awards and titles.


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