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Me neither, aside from the ratty backing, which appears to be Luftwaffe badge cloth.

The 1908 and 1912/13 are reversed from normal precedence, but may be the wearer's opinion that the Balkans mobilization counted as a "campaign" even with no action, higher than the commemorative 1908 jubilee.

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Correct mounting precedence for an Austrian Awards group, post 1935 style. Correct pieces, but a little unusual with no LS Cross given the Jubilee Medal and WW1/2 service.... but I think it's ok anyway.

The lowest class of the Milit?rdienstzeichen f?r Offiziere, as in use from 1890 to the end of the Empire, was for 25 years. The three classes were 1st Class (50 years), 2nd Class (40 years until 1913, and then 35 years) and 3rd Class (25 years). This officer was not likely in long enough to qualify. He probably came in just in time to qualify for the 1908 cross.

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