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    Here you go......    Killed in training accident......

    • Second Lieutenant  PRESTON, MAXWELL EDDEN

    Died 23/09/1918

    Aged 19

    32nd Training Depot Station
    Royal Air Force

    Son of Edmund Albert and Julia Emma Preston, of 8, St. Paul's Place, Canonbury, London.

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    Looks as if he was killed in training, not on operational service, but yes, there is always a bit of a premium for the RFC / RAF.  And, yes, nice to get a unique name.  I have a pair to a 'Lieut. XX Smith, RAF' and no earthly hope of figuring out who he was, as there are 12 men with his initials.

    We forget too, that by 1918 the RAF had its share of clerks and box-wallahs, but your man sounds as if he was a pilot in training.  Apparently RAF Montrose was the first operational base set up in the UK and planes actually flew missions over France from there.  It's in southern Scotland.  The Wiki entry on it is quite interesting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAF_Montrose


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    • 2 years later...

    Hello Chris,

    I was very interested to read of this Death Penny as Maxwell Edden Preston was my Great Uncle.

    Did you just acquired the medal or do you have some connection to the Maxwell?

    I wondering if you still have the medal?

    Regards, Nigel





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