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    7 placed medal bar of a non combatant WH functionary with 40 years of service

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    Dear forumites,

    I'd like to introduce to you this very rare bar of a, very likely, administrative or functionary like officer of the Wehrmacht with 40 years of service. I'm afraid that this combination is not sufficient for an attribution to the original wearer, despite the quite unique combination of the decorations on the bar. In fact only 13'000 EK2 1914 with the noncombatant  ribbon were awarded and there weren't some many WH officers or NCO that could wear the oak leaves to the 40 years of long service in the army, because of the interlude of the Weimar Republic and its very shrunken effective number of soldiers serving in the Versaille's treaty restricted German Army of the 20ies and early 30ies.

    • Preußen, Eisernes Kreuz 2. Kl. 1914 am Bande für Nichtkämpfer, nur ca. 13‘000 Verleihungen (OEK 1909), E gs/S;
    • Preußen, Verdienstkreuz Kriegshilfsdienst 1916 (OEK 1966),  KM Feinzink;
    • Deutsches Reich 1933-45, Ehrenkreuz für Kriegsteilnehmer (OEK 3803/2), Hersteller G.S. (Godet & Sohn, Berlin), E br;
    • Sachsen, Friedrich August Medaille in Silber 1905 mit Bandsspange „Weltkrieg 1914-18“ (OEK 2284), S;
    • Sachsen-Weimar, Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen für Angehörige anderer Staaten 1902-1918 in Silber (OEK 2385), S;
    • Deutsches Reich 1933-45, WH DA 1. Kl. mit goldenem Eichenlaub für 40 Dienstjahre (OEK 3851), Tombak vs;
    • Deutsches Reich 1933-45, WH DA 3. Kl. für 12 Dienstjahre (OEK 3854), E vs;

    This nice specimen of medal bar comes with the original case of the renown medals & orders dealer Sedlatzek, Berlin. The backing is without label and it's of a Wehrmachts kind of olive green color. 


    Any comment or inputs are mostly appreciated and encouraged. Thanks in advance for your attention.






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    Back of the bar... also notice the Godet produced Kriegsteilnehmer Ehrenkreuz (Hindenburg cross without swords for non combatants).

    also notice on the front the clasps “Weltkrieg 1914-18” was put on the wrong ribbon/medal... it should be on the Saxon FAM.




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    I was not 100 % sure about the combination, so i did not place a bid - and i do not like Sedlatzek pieces so much.

    The FAM is i.m.o. a piece on a peacetime ribbon. Ask the user hündchen. He knows a lot of about saxon decorations.


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    The fact that the FAM “am Friedensband” is, was already clear to me (see also here as example). The war ribbon was yellow with two narrow light blue stripes on the sides. I already also mentioned that Sedlatzek put the clasp on the wrong medal. Furthermore is better to have a bar with provenience of a medals and orders vendor as nothing at all.





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