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    Red Star # 3782263 - 42 years delayed

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    Guards private TOSHMATOV, 1913 was awarded just one order in WW2. 
    But it took 42 year for him to get it in 1987... 
    This is so called "award found its hero" decoration. Much longer delays are known than 42 years. Some of such awarding ceremonies were done after year 2000...
    Guard private TOSHAMTOV (145 Guards rifle regiment, 50 Guards rifle division) distinguished himself in the engagement near German town Baruth (50km South of Berlin) on 27 April 1945.

    He proved himself as steadfast and courageous defender of the Motherland when repelling enemy counter attack during the fight for elimination of encircled enemy force near the town Baruth /Germany/ on 27 April 1945. 
    Comrade TASHMATOV, risking his own life, flanked the enemy and eliminated 11 enemy soldiers with his carbine, captured one German officer. 

    Engagement description according to the combat journal of 50 Guards rifle division: 
    The German forces of 712 infantry division and 21 Grenadier SS division were trying to break through in Western direction. They attacked 148 Guards rifle regiment and a group of app. 200 German troops managed to break through on the right flank, the area between station Baruth and the hill 58.4. 
    By 10:00 the enemy force was counter attacked by 148 and 150 Guards rifle regiments and eliminated. 


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