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    Kriegsmarine Admirals ID thread and photo Database

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    On 28/12/2019 at 19:58, Kriegsmarine Admiral said:

    Unknown #5

    Does anyone recognize this full Admiral? He is wearing the Großkreuz des Königlich Ungarischen Verdienstordens. I think the photo was taken in 1938/1939.


    Did you ever find out who this gentleman is? Thanks!

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    Some more ID's from my older posts, for anyone interested...


    Unknown #5 is NOT Char. Admiral Iwan Christian Hermann Oldekop. He remains unknown.

    Unknown #6 is Konteradmiral Werner Schönermark.

    Unknown #8 is Vizeadmiral Heinrich Ancker.

    Unknown #10 are: 1: Vizeadmiral z.V. Friedrich Lützow; 2: Konteradmiral z.V. Reinhold Gadow 3: Char. Konteradmiral Karl Klüpfel.

    Unknown #15 is Vizeadmiral Martin Baltzer.

    Unknown #20 is Konteradmiral Hans Mirow.

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    I would like to start sharing photos of Kriegsmarine admirals from my personal collection.


    Konteradmiral Ernst Krafft (middle) and Fregattenkapitän z.V. Ernst Stever (right) in Paldiski, Estonia, year unknown.
    Krafft was the Coastal-Commander of the Eastern Baltic Sea and also Fortress-Commandant of Gotenhafen (27 June 1940-31 August 1942). He retired on 31 May 1943 but, on 7 April 1945 he fell into Russian captivity. He died in 1954 in Vladimir Prison in the Soviet Union, aged 69.


    I hope you enjoy the many photos I post in the future,





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