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    Hello, Its the 305 mm Skoda Mortar . some of this pieces , take part in the siege of Belgian forts at the beginning of the War alongside with German Great Berthas. they fired 590 projectiles of 42 cm and 2130 of 30.5 .

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    Here is a photo with more clarity.  And one from Fort du Camp des Romains, one of the French forts besieged at the start of the war by the Germans and supported by the Austrian siege mortars (it wasn't only the Belgian forts).  This photo shows German (possibly Bavarian) troops mixed in with the Austrians.



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    It does look like a WWI Minenwerfer, but those upright cylinders on the base plate are not familiar.  So, I can't guess it's type/model or country of origin.  Certainly does not look like any German or Austrian mortar I've seen.  It does look to be about 38cm.  German WW2 Nebelwerfer were 28cm for high explosive rockets, but those were usually mounted in multiple tubes.  So, I suppose it is possible this is a single rocket launcher.  It would be useful to see all the info on the display card for more clues.

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