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Sigh.... should I ? Album destroyer.....

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12 minutes ago, Chris Boonzaier said:

I have just bought a small photo album, not very good condition, maybe 20% military and 80% family and house....

Would it be morally ok to take out the military pages and mount them in protective binders? Or does one have to be pious and keep it all together?

It's always hard. Are the photos glued on? If it's sometimes hard to take them out. But I think in this case or other similar cases it's ok. I have done it before with a Don kossac reiterregiment album. 

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Morally? Not really a question of morals in my opinion, more a question of do you see preserving the whole family history or just that time period he served as important?  I have boxes and boxes of material from one family that has photos from the late 1800's until around the 1960's most of which is not military related, some WWI and WWII but not the majority.  I felt and still feel that I am obligated by the unwritten rule for historians, amateur or professional, to keep the material together.  After all I am now the keeper of this family's history.  

Back to my original point, a man should not be defined by his military service alone so all of your album, in a way, is the history of that soldier.  I've known you for a long time now, Chris, and I see you as more than just your time served and your collecting hobby; I see you as a devoted family man as well. Bottom line is that it is  your decision and yours alone, but I thought I would add my humble opinion.



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