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    Information on Colonel Karl Ogilvie

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    I am looking for information on Karl Ogilvie who was an officer in the Infantry Regiment Nr. 71. He received the Hohenzollern Houseorder as a Leutnant. Later on he served in the Wehrmacht as Colonel with the forein armies Department in OKH. Especially a photo of him would be needed.

    Thanks for any help in advance.


    Best regards




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    I was wondering whether this ribbon bar could belong to Ogilvie.

    When I bought this bar the seller also had a 3 place large medal bar from the former bearer (IC2 1914, Schwarzburg Medal Silver, Wehrmacht Long Service for 4 years) as well as a single Hohenzollern Hausorden.

    What are your thougths?




    Feldspange Ogilvie.png

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    A medal bar with the SKM and post-war awards would not fit Ogilvie. He received the SEK3X in 1916 which under Schwarzburg regulations would replace the earlier SKM. So his post-war medal bar would have the Ehrenkreuz, not the medal.


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    I like the ribbon bar. The Hindenburg Cross is missing, but this could be a period mistake. The bar could also have been the upper row of two ribbon bars.

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