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    I recently got this ribbon bar. Hopefully you like and everything is OK with it :)

    May I ask if there were any specific Saxon-Weimar units, who had a connection with turkey? Maybe Marine?

    And could the second ribbon be the General Decoration in Gold or is Bronze more likely?


    Best regards,




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    Very nice combo with Turkish ribbons.

    For me the man who received this bar finished the war as an NCO. He probably became an officer after 1935.

    I like the Liakat ribbon. I have never had a ribbon bar with ribbon. I only had one ribbon bar with Imtiaz ribbon



    Barrette de rubans (225).jpg

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    Thank you very much, gentlemen!

    That is a lovely bar, Christophe.

    Two more bars with Liakat medals from my collection. The longer one also has a turkish lifesaving medal and a few other turkish awards, which I cannot identify exactly. I think they used a LüH ribbon for the Imtiaz medal.





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