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    Hi !

    I am looking for more infos about

    Stabsarzt Dr. Fischer (later Oberstabsarzt) in Ulm  (kingdom of Wuerttemberg)

    I know that he was decorated with

    -Kriegsdenkmünze 1870/71 (i do not know  "combatant" or non combatant")

    - Bayerisches Verdienstkreuz für 1870/71

    Are there more infos about him  - especially i would like to know if he was still alive in around 1914/18

    and if he got more decorations (for example Friedrichsorden knight)

    Thank you very much.

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    • 4 weeks later...

    Sorry for asking again:

    I found my infos in Wuerttemberg Hof und Staatshandbuch 1877

    In the 1869 phonebook of Ulm he is listed only as "Dr. Fischer".

    Any more infos out there?

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    I can find nothing to suggest that Dr. Carl (Karl) Fischer of Ulm with the BVK was a later medical officer. He is not to be found as a medical officer of the Beurlaubtenstandes and disappears from the Reichs Medizinal-Kalendar after 1891. He apparently qualified in 1867.



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    18 hours ago, ixhs said:

    In the 1869 phonebook of Ulm

    Addressbook, surely ?

    1868: Hospitalarzt in Ulm.

    This could be his doctoral dissertation. If so, He was born 1843

    De melituria : dissertatio inauguralis historico-medica / publice defendet auctor Carolus Fischer
    Berolini : Lange, 1867
    Art des Inhalts:
    32 S. ; 8"
    Berlin, Univ., Diss., 1867


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    Thanks a lot !

     i am not sure, but may be i`ve made a mistake:

    In 1877 Staatshandbuch  - page 189 says:

    Einstein, Stabsarzt in Ulm and than:

    Fischer, Dr. daselbst (daselbst means he is also living in Ulm)

    I think he´s Dr. - but not Stabsarzt.

    The problem is, that "Fischer" is a damn common name in Germany.

    1843 sounds good. my considerations were, that if was active in 1870 he should be born around 1840-45.

    I also found an entry in the internet, that he was still Hospitalarzt in around 1900 in Ulm.

    In 1914 he would have been around 70 years - that would fit with the IC "non-combatant" and Wilhelmscross without X for

    "home merit".

    I hope, i will get the data of the 1870/71 cross, soon - and get the data of Oldenburg and

    Braunschweig - i need it for trying two ID 2 other bars....


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    Hello, In the Old Prussia and other German States before 1871 and after ,the Doctors with a charge in Public Hospitals were titled according with category , Assistent Arzt, Ober Assistent Arzt , Stabsarzt, Oberarzt . etc much alike as the Army doctors . that s for civilian ones . apart from this ,many doctors acting in civil Hospitals were also military doctors.

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    Hello GreyC . My pleasure . I said State management ,more appropiate is State payment, Civil servants , beamten , were payed by the State , for reasons of rationality were grouped into Pay Groups ,Diet Klasse , well , In a Country were the Army and the State were twins , the Army modelled 

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    • 4 weeks later...

    Now i have the full data of the Staatsarchiv Stuttgart of the bavarian merit cross 1870/71

    (awarded to Wuerttemberg citizens)

    -I did a lot of research in the last days.

    The only persons, which could be possible candidats of my Schnalle are:

    -Wundarzt Menniken Stuttgart

    -Fabrikant Carl Vetter Stuttgart

    -praktischer Arzt Dr. ......... (i cannot read his name) Stuttgart

    -our known Dr. Carl (Karl) Fischer, born 1843 - may be died in around 1925

    -Feinbäcker Eustachius Mühlhäuser born 1834 Göppingen, married in Stuttgart 1860 - may be died in around 1920

    -Kaufmann und Agent Robert Vischer Stuttgart

    -Privatier Adolf Deyhle Stuttgart

    -Billetdruck der Eisenbahndirektion und Vorstand des Verpflegungsvereins Johannes Schwab, Stuttgart

    -Evangelischer Pfarrer Schmidt, Stuttgart, Schriftführer des Sanitätsvereins Stuttgart

    -Wieland Wilhelm, Privatier Stuttgart

    All other candidates were died bevor 1914 - or did earn other decorations (mostly prussian KO 3 or KO4 with red cross).

    Any more infos about the persons out there?


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    Thanks i have checked:


    Huter, Huten, Hüter, Guter, Guten, Güter

    No entry in Stuttgart Adressbook of 1871.

    If i have found the correct Schmidt - he has gotten other decorations (Olgaorden, KO4, FO2 .. )

    So i think we can remove him.

    What i also know is, that Wieland was still alive in 1914.

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