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    Hello Gentlemen,

    Many many "fantasy" fake Order coming out from China, a lot of them never ever have existed in the 1910..1920ies...30ies at all. So....beware of "odd items".

    One of the main common thing about these fake, is the poor quality of enameling, that doesn't match what was the then quality o enameling "cloisonné" or not that was used in the 1910ies, 20ies, 30ies.....

    Also these fakes are NOT silver, but made of poor quality metal alloy, that are silvered......

    Keep in mind, that for Orders of China, before 1937...and after for ROC ( Republic of China ), they were silver gilt. Medal from that era were sometimes made of silver. 

    If you got the opportunity to "touch" the item before, the sensation of touch feeling is not the same, as silver is cold, when you touch it, but the sensation feeling when you touch something in poor quality alloy, it's not the same.

    Also "faker" will use whatever trick could be, to deceive collector, by intending to states that they are selling a very rare, early variation, or later one, but not yet known from collectors, => use common sense, do not believe in fairy tales. And this apply to many fields of the phaleristic.

    Regards to all.


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