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    34 minutes ago, Simius Rex said:

    It's peculiar that a SEHO cross was foreign-made because the Nazi-Duke was having these made domestically up until 1933

    It might have been made at the expensive of a recipient in his own country. The SEHO was one of the most widespread orders, with decorations being handed out in all of Europe, from Britain to Bulgaria. 

    I like the piece, there are notable differences as Simi already said, like the crown and the more handsome portrait. The arms of the cross also appear slimmer to me, but this might just be due to the camera with which the picture was taken. The lions between the arms also seem to be of fine quality.

    I'm not entirely certain, but I feel this might have been made/modelled after the British Order of the Bath, given the cross-arms and the lions. Perhaps a collector of British decorations might be able to help us out here.

    Kind regards, Laurentius

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    8 hours ago, Christian J said:

    What do you think about this SEHO Ritterkreuz 1st klasse. Foreign-made? Can't find any markings. Certainly gold.


    Is that some sort of fold running through the front medaillon (9 o' clock and 2 o' clock positions)?

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    • 1 year later...

    I agree this might be an old, possible foreign made wearer's copy. From the pictures, I would probably not address it as gold, because it lacks some detail I would expect from a higher quality piece, and also the centers look like maybe gilt bronze, which would be most unusual for an order made from gold - while vice versa is relatively common. We already had a similar discussion here, by the way...




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