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    There once was a man from Baden...

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    .... who may have worn this tunic in the war.  

    Baden IR112 NCO tunic that appears close to issue yet it has to be private purchase imo....

    nice quality but seems expensive 5A02CE16-0151-45B2-88BA-0AAA8BB7E6DA.thumb.jpeg.37761d1d2fa1b0b0a5d2b3e9814d9065.jpeg75B9078E-A53B-491F-BAC0-92E3908B7859.thumb.jpeg.e1ec5609723ae4439fbb96e19982c025.jpeg50FC9DE4-3DCC-4860-8FEB-9E4A95D9C6E8.thumb.png.433f04c3e1be9236de41aa38058cf484.pngE5E0A37F-FBA8-41C5-9647-D0155E02D182.thumb.jpeg.6cbc17d187cac36961f6c505d92d4540.jpeg0C9A8307-345A-4AF5-8157-1EF209FAB7CA.thumb.jpeg.fb3eaff6b3e9abbc911563fbd8b5f80e.jpeg45E6AA9A-9A44-479F-A153-ADE5ED2EA085.thumb.jpeg.763095abec5ccc5ba46ac495e27d323d.jpegED596BBF-195C-4C60-AD4B-85316CA9BEAF.thumb.jpeg.6fcd1f45fe62e42d871b0b6b3127f7aa.jpeg2FC26306-7F4C-4914-B474-68F8E388BF5C.thumb.jpeg.8d63c843f6890e2dbe533f8db797ac01.jpegC7FA75EE-719A-4DF1-BAD2-0CD67A5C13E7.thumb.jpeg.b1ee050c3e1d218d5881f4d3d57dc5a7.jpeg

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    2 hours ago, peter monahan said:

    Thank you.  I was going to be seriously disappointed and displeased if there were not at least a partial pun in this post.  You can't raise expectations like that, Chris, and then just walk away.  But what rhymes with 'Bavarian'?  :)

    Rhymes with Lard on..... ;-=

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    I don’t get it... can’t find anything that rhymes...


    anyway, it’s a very nice tunic but not sure about the price. But, enlisted and NCO tunics don’t come around often.... 

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    I’m not sure of the regulations but I think it was an order to simplify rank insignia. However, it was not completely adhered to.  
    I’d have to research and not sure which in my books discuss this so o have tried to look. I was hoping someone would answer this for us. 

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