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    Family estate of Konsistorialrat and Präsident Domänenkammer Waldeck H. Dihle

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    Hi gents,

    before these nice little fellows will leave me again, I want to show it you at least.
    All shown orders and some the information were coming directly from the family.

    Part I

    Orders of Konsistorialrat and President der Domänenkammer Waldeck-Arolsen
    Hermann Dihle

    Dihle was born 25th May 1873 and died on 3rd November 1944.
    Since 1913 he was working for the principal Waldeck-Pyrmont and he retired in 1929.

    The following two orders were received by him:

    - Friedrich-Bathildis medal 1915
    Dihle received it on 10th August 1916

    - Waldeck house-order 2nd class with oakleave (Ehrenkreuz 2.Klasse)
    Dihle received it on 21st January 1918 (birthday of the ruling Prince), but there is one really interesting fact:
    Hermann Dihle received this order at the cobatant-ribbon as a special honor!!!
    The order itself is gold, quite unusual for such a late award date.



    Part II

    The 2nd estate is related to Hermann Dihle´s father in law.
    It´s the lawyer and 1st attorney Gottfried von Reden.

    Gottfried von Reden received the following orders:

    - Schaumburg-Lippe house order 2nd class (early versio with white underground of the rose), gold
    He awarded it on 5th March 1902.




    - Württemberg Order of the crown cross of the knights (Ehrenritter)
    According to the Almanach he awarded it before 1904, I don´t know the exact date.
    The pinback-cross is also gold and marked with FOEHR under the needle.



    Gottfried von Reden arwarded earlier as well the red eagle order 4th class, the Prussian crown-order 3rd class and the Prussian
    crown order 3rd class. He also got the Lippe house-order 3rd class, which he returned after receiving the 2nd class of it.
    The medalbar unfortunatly is most likely not existing any more.

    Part III
    These nice little fellows belong to August Dihle , the father of Hermann Dihle.
    August Dihle used to be high-school director and Geheimer Regierungsrat.

    He received
    - red eagle order 3rd class with the bow
    - house order of Hohenzollern, cross of the Rechtsritter (!)

    Beside these two orders he was wearing a Prussian order of the crown 2nd class at his neck.



    Unfortunately no ribbons survived, but there might be a little chance to find the award documents.
    On all family pictures I was allowed to check, none of the above mentioned guys was wearing his orders ?

    I hope you like this incomplete groups anyway...


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    Just a small addition:

    According to the book about the orders of the principal Waldeck-Pyrmont,
    Hermann Dihle was the only person, who received the Waldeck house-order 2nd class at the combatant-ribbon (ribbon for "Militärpersonen") as a special honor!!!

    It´s really a pitty, that most likely the ribbons and the refering documents didn´t survive ?

    Edited by Solomon
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    On 19/10/2020 at 16:54, scottplen said:

    Can the ribbons be found to replace those lost ?

    Well, for the Waldeck order it won´t be an easy job due to the low numbers of combatant-awards worn at the neck.
    For the Schaumburg-order I luckily had an original ribbon in my collection, as it is the same for Lippe-Detmold.

    I would be more happy to get the award document, as this one would be unique.
    The family is still checking boxes and cartons for it.


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