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I have, for some strange reason, begun to collect the order of the Oak Crown. I have three badges, two in gold and one in silver. My question is, who is the producer?

The first from the left has the same medallion as the badge in the middle but, the first badge (cross) is made of silver while the other one is in gold. The sphere holding the ring is also different between those two badges. The last one to the far right is also made of gold but the medallion, and the oak branches are completely different.

On the bottom picture you can see that the thickness also varies.

Any information would be appreciated.


Thank you!





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Good order to collect. relatively inexpensive and the quality is generally very good. Founded by Willem II of tne Netherlands as grand Duke of Luxemburg. It was awarded in large numbers to Dutch recipients by his son and virtually all pre 1891 insignia is Dutch made . on the accession of Grand Duke Adolphe in 1890 it was a purely Luxemburg order with occaisional honorary awards to foreigners. Any of your pieces marked?


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Dear Maxblue,

1 hour ago, maxblue said:

I have, for some strange reason, begun to collect the order of the Oak Crown.

I know that reason, it is sheer beauty due to good craftsmenship and design.

1 hour ago, maxblue said:

On the bottom picture you can see that the thickness also varies.

Common with silver-gilt and gold pieces. Silver-gilt is cheaper, and therefore often a bit thicker. Gold is more valuable but I personally prefer the silver-gilt pieces, they are a bit more weighty whereas gold pieces almost always feel light.

Kind regards, Laurentius

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17 minutes ago, saxcob said:

Hi maxblue,

I do share your passion!

Here is a very early piece I could recently acquire.

It is by Bron whp produced only 40 pieces before he died.



Magnificent piece!! Congratulation!  What does "whp" mean, workshop?

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Laurentius, I like more the gold ones but I understand what you mean. Yes, it is the simplicity of the design and the colours goes so well together makes it a beautiful order.   


Yes you did, you mentioned  "Bron whp"?

Edited by maxblue
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