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    Numis, To read full JOMSA articles, you may go to the OMSA website and select the JOMSA issue containing the article you wish to read.  Searching by title yields only the first pages relating to the article.

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    On 29/11/2020 at 09:32, numis said:

    Thank you.

    However the JOMSA text copied cuts off at JOMSA page 7 and there are no numbers issued quoted up until then

    Opps.  My apologies.  :(

    I don't think Ed uses this forum any longer but he is a member of OMSA, I assume, and of the South Asian Military Heritage Facebook page, if you want to try and contacvt him diurectly.  Don't use my name! ;)


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    The forum which Ed hosts is SAGONGS. I have been a member of the forum for 15 years. For anyone who has any interest in the ODM of the subcontinent it is a treasure house of knowledge. All you ever wanted ( or didnt even know you wanted) to know.


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    To add a little to this thread.  One of these badges, to a Moslem, sold recently on Spinks for 290 pounds.  There is one for sale now on London Medals for 695 pounds.






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    I was interested to see the numbers issued for GV undated badges. Some of these were awarded to to those whose titles were granted before 1911 and were still alive in 1911 .

    I have one ( bought in a lot of three Gv Khan Sahib badges  , the other two of which are now duplicates for   disposal ) which was for a pre 1911 title grant to the Subadar Major of the Kurrum Militia. This was not apparent from the badge itself which only has the recipient name but no rank 

    I was also interested to note that fewer awards were made to Muslims than to Hindus

    What the table does not show is how many ( probably not that many ) of the top two tiers were direct first time awards and not upwards promotions from a lower tier .I have one to a Khan Badahur who probably received the direct award because of considerations of status

    It would be interesting to know what proportion of the total awards were to Military recipients .

    Possibly some of these may have received the ITB where they were not deemed eligible for the OBI

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    To add to this thread I illustrate the awards of  Sorabjee Pallonjee Patel - a prominent business man in Aden and of the family which established in 1864 the company Pallonjee Dinshaw & Co. By 1937 the company was owned Sorabjee. He was a member of the Aden Chamber of Commerce and also a member of the Aden Felix Lodge No. 355. His Indian Title Badge - Khan Sahib - was gazetted on 5 June 1920. He was engaged in some manner in the defence of Aden during WW2 and earned the Defence Medal. (In the UK Home Guard Service of 2 years 9 months to qualify for the medal.) His MBE Civil was gazetted 2 June 1962, ‘For Public Services in Aden’. The device on the ribbon of the Defence Medal is a tie pin that came with the group - I believe the symbol is the Hindu sacred 'Om'.




    Aden Sorabjee Pallonjee Patel.jpg

    ADEN Patel MBE Trio.jpg

    ADEN Patel MBE Trio Reverse.jpg

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