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    Gentlemen, I need your help once again. Theodor Rudolf Rowehl served in WW II, but also as a Seeflieger in WW I, and there is hardly anything to find about his time between 1914 und 1918. Who can help? Maybe with decorations? What is he wearing under the Ritterkreuz? Could that be something Hungarian? Thanks!

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    It actually exist good records of Theodor Rowehl from  WW1 as most of the Marine records have survived. He also have an BAMA file in Freiburg which normally gives rather complete award records. I have not checked his file yet.  His long time pilot Gerhard Hubrich (later an Ace) mention him in his book.

    Born 09.02.1894 Barschlüte, Elsfleth, died 06.06.1978 Münster. Eintr 28.08.1914,Lt zS dR 10.06.1916,aD 31.12.1918. BeoAbz 21.10.1916,EKII x,EKI <1918

    a brief summary of his WW1 career from other sources:

    II M.D., 28.08.1914 - 12.1914

    "Westfalen", 12.1914 - 03.1915

    "Kaiser Karl der Große", 03.1915 - 07.1915

    "Ostfriesland", 07.1915 - 03.1916

    II SFA, first at SFS Helgoland, ca 03.1916 - 09.1916

    SFS Ney, 09.1916 - 10.1916

    SFS Flensburg SdKdo also called "Torpedo Gruppe III", 10.1916 - 03.1917

    T-Staffel I, 03.1917 - 23.11.1917 WIC, fell out of the a/c when his friend tried to kill him..:)

    T-Staffel I, returned from Lazarett, x - ca 03.1918

    Seefrosta, 04.1918 - 31.07.1918, probably mentioned in the new book about this unit. From 04.07.1918 leader of the Festa/Fernsta which was a sub-unit within the Seefrosta.

    See III, 01.08.1918 - 24.08.1918, still leader of Fernsta/Festa.

    SFS Putzig lehrer at Flieger Schule, 09.1918 - 31.12.1918



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    This is great, Gunnar, thank you so much! This is what I have on Gerhard Hubrich:

    Abzeichen für Marine-Flugzeugführer auf Seeflugzeugen (1913), Oktober 1914

    Eisernes Kreuz (1914), II. und I. Klasse

    Ehrenpreis der Marineflieger

    Flieger-Erinnerungsabzeichen der Kaiserlichen Marine

    Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer


    Wiederholungsspange (1939) zum Eisernen Kreuz II. und I. Klasse (1914)

    Do you know of more? I am writing about him at the moment. Do you have his book "Zwischen den Meilensteinen der Luftfahrt – Küken Hubrich erzählt aus seinem Fliegerleben" (Luftfahrt-Verlag Walter Zuerl, Steinebach am Wörthsee 1969)? If so, I have a question: Did he write anything about his marriage or marriages? On 8 May 1943 in Bremen-Burglesum he married Renate Heberle (born 17 October 1916 in Altenburg). She had two daughters: Marion Heberle ( born 12 June 1939 in Hamburg) and Karin Heberle (born 14 August 1941 in Konigstein). After the marriage both girls, who were conceived out of wedlock, received the family name Hubrich. He must have adopted them, but I think, he was also the real father and married Renate late?! Renate died very young on 24 August 1945 in Bremen-Vegesack. Does "Küken" Hubrich write why? Maybe sickness? Thanks!!!


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    Hi Deutschritter,

    Are you writing an article of Gerhard Hubrich for Propellerblatt ?  http://www.propellerblatt.de/

    There are much written about him in different sources throughout the Years where you can find good info. I probably have his book stored somewhere in my archive. He do have an BAMA file in Freiburg but I dont think this file deals with his WW1 service. It is about "Familieangelegenheiten" and the reason he left the Luftwaffe as Major dR. It is a chance that it could be related to his second marriage. The certificate for his first marriage can be found on ancestry.de. In this document he spells his first name as Gerhardt. Also his file in BA Berlin have this spelling.

    I dont have notes on his awards but he received the See.Abz on 23.12.1915. He rather certain exchanged it later for an LFAbz as he become an Land-flyer.

    Original Marine records only verify 11 probably victories during WW1.


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    Thank you, Gunnar, so he was married twice. Hmm, the "Familienangelegenheiten" could be, he was married and fathered the two girls with Renate. Maybe he was forced to divorce his first wife. This really helps. Thanks again! Sorry, I am not a member of ancestry.de, therefore they will not allow me to search his name.

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