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    Some miscellaneous projects

    Ralph A

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    Sd.kfz. 222. 1/35.

    sdkfz 222 model 1a.jpg


    sdkfz 222 model 1b.jpg

    sdkfz 222 model 1bb.jpg

    It will join with these models, once the diorama platform is finished.

    "Signpost down!  Some doubt as to direction."

    sdkfz 222 model 1c.jpg

    Some details.

    pzkw 2 model 1a.jpg

    sdkfz 222 model 1bb.jpg

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    Here is a project I completed in December. USAAF Far East Air Force B25-C (mod.) Mitchell, Philippines. December 23rd. 1941: an emergency airstrip somewhere near Lubao, on Bataan Peninsula. Helping hold open the bridges at Calumpit near San Fernando, as Wainwright's troops flee from Manila and the pursuing Japanese Army.

    I haven't put together a model in 45 years. Although a little shaky now (not to mention the worsening eyesight), it's comforting to see I haven't lost all my skills.

    Everything is hand painted. All but the models and figurines is scratch built.

    These are an exercise in creativity. I am completing a particularly complex novel,and I like to have somewhere to blow off excess creative energy. I find that one project feeds off the other!

    Thanks for looking.

    b25c model 1a.jpg

    b25c model 1c.jpg

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    I certainly will. Thank you for the interest. Since it is snowing here, I'll share this just-completed 1/48 scale effort calling to mind another snowy winter, in less happy circumstances! Students of history should be able to name the unit down to battalion-level, place and approximate historical date.


    krads 01a.jpg

    By the way,  I am working on the Western Desert diorama; the kubelwagen is coming along:

    kubel model 1d.jpg

    Now back to the novels. The fun never stops.

    In parting, here is how I make ammo belts (or for that matter, cables):

    blet cable how to.jpg

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    Diorama made from pegboard, paper. Waiting for yesterday's snow to melt so I can access my "quarry" for sand, bits of rock There's a lot of low grade iron ore in this area.

    Another teaser for historians: what effect did this geological fact have to do with a major US Civil War battle fought in Virginia in 1864? (Hint: Catharine Furnace.)

    western desert 1aa.jpg

    Models, figurines coming along. Still a lot of detail to add. Heavy, dark stuff first, then dry brush in soft details.

    The devil is in those.

    western desert 1aaaaa.jpg

    western desert 1aaa.jpg

    western desert 1aaaaaa.jpg

    Driver ended up looking a lot like his supreme leader. Must be a fan.

    western desert 1b.jpg

    western desert 1bb.jpg

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    Also unintentionally, the soldier on the far right (how appropriate) is a dead ringer for my brother-in-law. He takes his vacations in South Africa, and specializes in environmental law.

    No, not that sort.

    He helps companies find loopholes in environmental laws.

    western desert 1aaaa.jpg

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    5 hours ago, Ralph A said:

     specializes in environmental law.

    No, not that sort.

    He helps companies find loopholes in environmental laws.

    western desert 1aaaa.jpg

    ummm, hopefully he's not very good at his job???  ?

    I got nothing...everybody has their personal agenda's and justifications.  I don't want to throw stones, unless I was sure I was without hypocrisy.

    but great diorama! 

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    Really nice, and I know how much time and patience these take. Well done. The little Type 95 car is just great.

    The hammered flat twisted wire reminds me of Triumph speedo cables.

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