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    My first Order of the Red Star

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    Thank you ?


    My uncle speaks Russian. He is now trying to help me on this star. 


    I never thought that those stars are so big. I'm really happy to have one In my beginning collection 

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    Several things are wrong here. Just look at the doctored serial number, which doesn't even remotely look like the MZPP style. It also seems that the enamel was replaced on at least several of the arms, but I would need to see better images to confirm.

    Edited by Ferdinand
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    2151441 Ткаченко Георгий Корнеевич 1925 Гв.красноармеец Телефонист 170 гв.сп, 57 гв.сд Приказ 57 гв.сд 01.05.1945 018 / н Взаимодействие с другими людьми


    2151441 Ткаченко Георгий Корнеевич 1925 г. Красноармейская Телефонистка 170 г.в. sp, 57 г.в. сд Заказать 57 г.в. сд 01.05.1945 018 / н


    Медаль: «За отвагу», Медаль: «За победу над Германией в Великой Отечественной войне 1941-1945 гг.», Орден Красной Звезды, Орден Отечественной войны II степени, Орден Славы III степени. Вот написание номера этой серии, например.



    КЗ № 2151391 аверс.jpg

    КЗ № 2151391 реверс.jpg

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    In the battle during the expansion of the bridgehead on the western bank of the Oder River on 17.04.45 during the assault on hill 49.9 under heavy enemy artillery fire, he repeatedly went to the line and eliminated frequent gusts of the line from artillery shells. the enemy, continuously kept the communication of the regiment commander with the battalion commander. 18.04.45 during the assault on the city of Seelov, under fire from a heavy machine gun, he made contact, which made it possible for the rifle battalion to reach the specified line.


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    Thank you so much for your help. I can't say enough thanks to you ? ?

    6 hours ago, chechaco1 said:

    Yes, I forgot to mention that I was busy selecting your award documents for the order of the knight. It was discussed on the profile forum and the number was recognized as correct, native.


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