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    Vortragenden Rat 2. Klasse im Kriegsministerium

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    I’d like to know opinions from uniform collectors and those knowledgeable on the topic of the Kriegsministerium and Beamten.


    it’s a unique tunic for sure and I’ve seen M15 buttons on 1910 style tunics but unsure if higher grade officers did such. Also, I thought the Kriegministerium Rat wore crimson and blue collar piping C7C101BB-EC05-44E1-9914-A77CF1ADAFAF.thumb.jpeg.cd77ab2c0df23720fe4451859b6f47a2.jpegF6BA96C8-3D4D-41E2-AE2B-91430E21DBB2.jpeg.f046d2d87a7b56bf2accfa9c939bb31c.jpegECD39626-BBC4-47FC-A69B-CEEC770F4212.thumb.jpeg.4ab319e667e2a21c5584388abb1eb6e0.jpeg42390B3B-2DD2-4302-8FBC-D477D1C1C3B8.thumb.jpeg.a18e633e9465d759def3bb451e97ae44.jpegB1D4D210-71B4-496B-99C7-67701D5F7584.thumb.jpeg.5ea7156df02195897a6630688d6432f3.jpeg

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    Hi Charles,


    it certainly is a lovely tunic. I agree, the collar patch piping is rather odd. All branches of the military administration should wear collars piped in blue. Perhaps the tailor just got it wrong!




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    It is from Weitze?

    It could have been constructed from parts? If you have the oppertunity for in the hand inspection then check the stitching as these people are unscrupulous? 

    Sorry but that is the truth of the matter.

    I can't wait until they are banned from selling, can't come soon enough?



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