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    Light weight Adrian helmet


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    French private purchase lightweight Adrian helmet, named to Captain Guillaume Latuille, who born in Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a fishing port on the Basque coast 22 May 1891

    Enlist in the ranks and promoted for gallantry during 1914-18

    Croix De Guerre, First citation, on the 4th of February 1915. “Demonstrated bravery and cold-blooded attitude during night combat, protecting the 172484483_3929845430431484_8463850698952555784_n.thumb.jpg.5233fc27bd78483873eed39ebfcc338d.jpgunit from heavy fire.”

    - Second citation, 15 March 1917: “Remarkable officer in every aspect. As a model leader of his section, demonstrated calm bravery and absolute contempt for danger by ensuring a successful link-up with a neighboring unit despite heavy artillery bombardment. Maintained his troops in order while under violent fire and organized all the aspects of an essential position.”

    - Third citation, 26 May 1918: "Directed an ambush in a forest within enemy lines, and demonstrated brilliant qualities; daring, and effective decision making which assured the success of the operation.”

    - Fourth citation, 1 September 1918: “Elite officer known by everyone for his courage and enthusiasm. He assured the link-up between his regiment and a neighboring corps. Worked tirelessly to carry out this difficult task. 12 August 1918 vigorously led his section to assault the ruins of an enemy-held “castle” despite heavy machine-gun fire. Wounded in action."

    Transferred to the 3eme Bataillon d' Infanterie légère d' Afrique 1919 in Morocco

    Awarded Citation Croix de guerre des théâtres d'opérations extérieures for the Battle of L’ajgou, Brilliant officer, having a high conception of duty. On September 4, 1921, during the combat, as the head of the machine-gun section, he took the most judicious measures and made the enemy turn tail… With grenades, he personally destroyed an enemy nest embanked behind a rock"

    He left the army (Discharged from the 24eme Regiment ) in 1933 and sadly died in 1936.




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