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    Post your favorite uniform and/or tunic

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    Hello all- 

    seems like it’s been fairly slow regarding uniforms/tunics.


    It would be great to see your favorite tunic…. My favorite changes from time to time.  



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    Hello everyone.
    I came across this forum by chance. Some members already know me from the Pickelhaubes forum. I've already seen that it's just as interesting here. Here's one of my favorite uniforms. I'm looking forward to interesting topics with you.
    About me personally; I am 59 years old and live in Neu-Ulm Bavaria. My collection area is imperial officer uniforms. Colorful or field gray.

    DSCN3318 (2).JPG

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    Wow! That's both impressive an superb! Its odd (for me, at least) to see such a large Totenkopf on the headgear. 


    Kind Regards,




    (P.S. Is the moustache original as well?😁)

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