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    My Imperial Iron Cross collection

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    I have a few Imperial EK's in my collection to share 


    1. EK1 pin back stamped "We" attributed to J. H. Werner


    2. EK1 vaulted screw back, stamped "800" with "slant W" core (unknown maker)


    3. Cased EK2 stamped "SW" Sy Wagner 













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    Good solid basis for an extensive Imperial EK collection if that's what you're planning. There are some very knowledgeable collectors on this forum that may offer you an opinion as to the maker of your screw-back but I'm not one of them unfortunately. The stand-out in your trio for me is your We WERNER with its characteristic numerals - the extravagant 9 and the elongated 4 are typical. As Graf says - nice. Good luck with additions and thanks for sharing.    

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone,


    Ironically, I did not set out to acquire a "We" stamped Werner EKI. The seller sold it to me as a "WS" which I believe is Wagner and Sohn. It was only when I showed it to the forms that people more with more knowledge than I said it was "We" stamped on the cross.


    VtwinVince had requested some more photos of the EK2 case (see below)





    EK2 case 1.jpg

    EK2 case 2.jpg

    EK2 case 3.jpg

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    Back in the day it was relatively easy to find a good cased 1914 EK2. Most of these were private purchases. My understanding is the cross itself was issued in a paper wrap. I had a multitude of examples of this, the wrap was often maker marked. Inner paper and usually a blue paper outer wrap.

    You can still find cased EK2s, but they’ve become scarce and you have to sift through all the fake cases flooding the market these days.

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