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Nice Photo of a Dragoner with medal bar and unknown badge

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Got this nice Photo of a young Dragoner. I know nearly nothing about austrian uniforms. What Rank is he? On the medal bar he has a Bronze bravery medal, a Iron merit Cross and a Karl troup Cross. But he also hast a small badge on His chest. Anyone know what badge this is?



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44 minutes ago, 1812 Overture said:


So is he a Oberleutnant or a Korporal? Whats the diference? The colour of the Stars? 😅🙈



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The  young Dragoner is a Korporal. His medals and the badge on his right indicates this.

Medals are the  Bronze Tapeferkeitsmedaille, Eisernes Verdienstkreuz and Karltruppenkreuz. 

As for the 'qualification' badge it is way to blurred to tell, but I suspect it could be the 'Reiterauszeichnung' or a 'Schützen' badge.

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The Korporal stars were made either of white bone or Celluloid ,the Oberleutnant ones were metallic ones either Gold or Silver according to button colour . the cords of the Pelzulanka were different too, for officers they were gold interwoven with black , for NCOs and troopers were the shorter field grey the longer yellow and black

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Thank You Very much Guys! Im Very glad about those informations.


If i Had the Name of the man, ist there a chance to find out more about him?


Thank You 🤗😊

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