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    General von Schacky auf Schönfeld (Karl or Maximilian?)

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    Need help!  I suspect this is Kommandant of Munich Karl von Schacky auf Schönfeld, but ....

    possibly his (brother?) Maximilian.  I believe at least Karl was recalled to active duty during 1914-18.







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    According to the ranklist of honour there was only one General Freiherr v. Schaky auf Schönfeld recalled in WWI.

    The one who served in 1870/71. Unfortunately the are no first names, but Maximilian had the Iron Cross of 70/71.

    In 14/18 he was Commanding Officer of Munich. Later General of the cavalry a.D. (a.D. = außer Dienst = off duty)


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    that is Oberst Maximilian Freiherr Schacky auf Schönfeld, commanding the 1. Kavallerie-Brigade in München in 1895.Not the special helmet plate for a Oberst in a general officers' appointment,




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    Posted (edited)

    Many many thanks! 


    In the Bavarian Rangliste, 1914 Maximilian was Generalmajor z.D. on 17.07.1896  

    but ...

    as far as I can tell, he was NOT recalled to active duty. He would've been 72 in 1914. 


    So, the recalled Frh von Schacky who was promoted GenKav ch. on 26.12.1917

    must have been Karl/Carl ... whose photo I haven't been able to find


    *the Sutterlin looks like:  Frhh von Schacky Oberst(?)


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    unfortunately, I don't have an image of Baron Karl.


    Interestingly Baron Max was granted the Charaker of a Generalleutnant on 18 June 1914; this being the occasion of the centenary of the 1. Schweren Reiter-Regiment Prinz Karl von Bayern.


    As you surmise, it does not appear he served in any capacity in WW1.




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