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ARAB MEDALS -- Saudi Arabia

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Dear All,

Apologies for not responding to this thread sooner - a weekend away from Riyadh in Delhi. I detail below my notes on this award:

This medal was awarded to all those participating in Exercise Island Crown which was a military exercise held as a joint Gulf unit, a Rapid Movement Force, with other Gulf States in 1984/5.


The obverse of this 37mmm diameter circular medal bears in the centre the badge of the Saudi Armed forces being the Saudi National emblem of a palm tree above two crossed sword which in turn surmounts two crossed rifles butts lowermost, a pair of wings and an anchor. This device is surrounded by a wreath of two palm leaves tied at the base and above which, directly above the anchor is the Saudi Royal crown. On either side are the Arabic dates, 1984 (left) and 1405 (right). Above below is the Arabic inscription, “الجزيرة درع تمرين“ (Tamreen Dura’a Al Jazirah) which translates as “Exercise Island Crown”. Whilst the word island is a literal translation of “Al Jazira” in this context “Al Jazira” refers to the Arabian Peninsula. The reverse is blank.


From photographic evidence this medal would appear to come in two classes – gilt for officers and slivered for other ranks, however close inspection of the illustrated medals notes that the gilt medal inscription is preceded by the figure one whilst the silvered medal has the figure two. This may imply either two separate awards for two separate exercises or designate the class of medal. Unfortunately I have been unable to source any documentation concerning the establishment of this medal.

I believe the gilt medal illustrated was from an assorted lot at a recent (end 2015) auction in Paris - I bid unsuccessfully - and I was advised that a number of the awards up for sale had emerged from stock drawers or similar at Arthur Bertrand.  The gilt piece may therefore also be a specimen piece never signed off but I have no evidence one way or another.

Kind regards to all, Owain

P.S. GMIC has reversed the order of the Arabic words but not the letters.

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Bottom row right to left:

Hajj Decoration - only certificate issued no medal produced.

Centenary Decoration.

Tamreen Exercise Decoration - no evidence that it has been manufactured.

Tabuk 1 Exercise Decoration - no evidence that it has been manufactured.

Friendship 1 Exercise Decoration - no evidence that it has been manufactured.

Jazirah Force Shield Decoration - no evidence that it has been manufactured.

I am in UK at the moment but will follow up on my return to Riyadh next week.

Regards, Owain


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Thanks - I'll search the Arabic Internet when back in Riyadh, however I suspect that whilst ribbons have been awarded the medals have not and remain images on certificates.


PS 'tamreen' is the Arabic for exercise so third from right is 'Exercise Decoration'.

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Hello Gentlemen,

At least now we know that the Tamreen Medal ( Medal for Exercise ) had been issued as a medal.

About 40 Millimeters in diameter.

Ribbon width 36 Millimeters : Green 6 & half, White 7, Green 9, White 7, Green 6 & half Millimeters.

Weight 18 Grammes.

It's metal gilt (not silver).

Regards to all.


Saudi Arabia Tamreen Exercise Medal.jpg

Saudi Arabia Tamreen Exercise Island Medal in its case of issue 2.jpeg

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Thanks to Emmanuel for this post. 'Tamreen' translates as 'Exercise' and I detail below my notes - also published in JOMSA Nov-Dec 2015.

Kind regards,




Saudi Arabia - Exercise Abdullah’s Sword Medal


Owain Raw-Rees, OMRS # 3088 & OMSA # 4978


In April 2014 Saudi Arabia conducted its biggest ever military operation “Exercise Abdullah's Sword”, which lasted for a month and simulated an invasion of the country on three fronts – East, North and South. Activities included offensive and defensive operations on land, sea and in the air and included participation of over 130,000 personnel from the Armed Forces, National Guard and the Ministry of the Interior. The military exercise coincided with the ninth anniversary of the accession of King Abdullah.


The exercise concluded on 29 April 2014 with a televised parade at the military base at Hafr Al Batn in the north east of the country. This base known as King Khalid Military City was the base from which many of the coalition forces during the Gulf War / Operation Desert Storm led the liberation of Kuwait in 1991. The parade included the Saudi intermediate range ballistic missiles purchased from China in 1987. The exercise and parade served as an important message of deterrence to the regimes in Iran and Iraq.

  Design of proposed medal and badge of the military exercise - see attached - which reads, “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Defence, Abdullah’s Sword, Presidency of the General Staff, 1435 H”.

 Further to the completion of the Exercise it was announced a decoration of Exercise Abdullah’s Sword was to be granted to all members of the Armed Forces who were serving on 17 Sha’ban 1435 Hijra corresponding to 15 June 2014. To date the actual medal has not been seen.


·         https://twitter.com/_1ksanews1/status/483745958744690688

·         http://www.okaz.com.sa/new/issues/20140418/Con20140418693083.htm

·         http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/ar/originals/2014/04/saudi-arabia-military-show-signal-washington-tehran.html#


Owain Raw-Rees, Riyadh, February, 2015


Saif Abdullah Logo Edit.jpg

Saif Abdullah Medal Edit A.jpg

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