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    Thanks to post pics of your smile.gif


    "F?r besondere leistung im Luftkrieg"

    Established in February 1940, the Ehrenpokal was awarded by the authority of Reichsmarschall Hermann G?ring to Luftwaffe personnel "for special achievement in the airwar". This was an award for aircrew only. Funding for the production of the goblet was provided by the German Aviation Industry.

    The design reflects that of the World War I goblet, the "Ehrenbecher f?r Sieger im Luftkampf". Superbly crafted by the firm of Joh. Wagner & Sohn in Berlin -the sole manufacturer - this 'non-portable award' bridged the gap between the Iron Cross 1st Class and the German Cross in Gold or Knight's Cross.

    Technical Information

    Two types of Ehrenpokal were awarded during the war, distinguishable solely by the metal used in their manufacture.

    The first goblets were constructed from 835 fine silver. Later awards were manufactured from silver-plated "Alpaka", an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc, also known as "German Silver". These began to appear from the first half of 1942.

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    Unbelieveable that this thread was forgotten!

    This particular one being presented is the early type in 835 silver, awarded in March 1941 to a Bordfunker on HE-111's.


    Gorgeous photo Rich!

    I'm after an Ehrenpokal and I know there are a few on various dealer sites but I want a nice early silver piece.

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