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    hello All,

    I have been hoping that the members here would display what they have in German daggers.

    Denny and I have great collections, but this forum isn't about what we have.

    We both would like for this section to become more active.

    What can we do to help this along?

    There is allot of room on the net for more than one dagger section.

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    Hi all,

    Okay... guess I'll start this off even though they're posted in other threads... so hoping this is okay.

    First off my Kreigsmarine dagger. Got this from John Angolia ages ago. One of my prize pieces. Absolutely love the navies and think they're some of the nicest of the German daggers of whatever period.




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    This is my Heer dagger. Not in terrific shape but was a war trophy brought home by my Uncle Jack so to me it's priceless.



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    Nice stuff Dan. Having a relative bring them home... even better. I would agree with Mr. Rodgers, some age showing is a good thing, but I would be concerned about what looks like active oxidation on the blades of a couple of these. Thanks for showing them.

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    Thanks guys! And Rick, totally agree... I need to do a bit of cleanup and oiling on a couple of them. Hoping to get to that in the next day or two.

    And definitely treasure the ones that my Uncle brought back. They're plain Jane but I'd never sell or trade them for anything. Definitely going to be passed down in the family. :D

    Thanks again for the compliments and comments. :beer:

    Dan :cheers:

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    Nice daggers! Is the navy a holler? Looks like it and the SMF SA dagger is a good maker.


    Hi Fritz,

    Many thanks for your kind words. :beer: Yes, the navy is indeed a Holler. I've always felt the German naval daggers, regardless of the era, were some of the nicest daggers they produced. I especially love the engraved blades! :love::love::jumping::jumping:

    Thanks again! :cheers:


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    Here is the blade

    Hi Fritz,

    "Veeeeery" nice!!!! Also as a knife collector I have a thing for Puma's. I have one of the White Hunter sheath knives as well as a Puma bayonet:


    Post #12

    Thank you for sharing! :beer: Gorgeous blade! Just love those engraved blades... can't get enough of the. :love::love::jumping::jumping:

    Dan :cheers:

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