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  1. Gents, It sold for $510.00. Regards, slava1stclass
  2. Gents, Currently available on the well-known auction site with an opening bid of 99 U.S. cents. Auction runs for 10 days. This OGII was awarded to Full Cavalier Guards Sergeant Major Nikolay K. Moroz. Regards, slava1stclass
  3. Gents, Access to the Russian podvignaroda website now allows us to take a more detailed look at this subject. As noted on the reverse side of GA Bradley's award record card, there was no serial number listed - "nyet dannykh" - in the serial number column for the Order of Suvorov First Class. Whereas he was awarded an Order of Kutuzov First Class with serial number 166, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet did not confirm the Order of Suvorov First Class which Commander, 1st Ukrainian Front originally listed in order number 61 dated May 13, 1945. In the first attachment below, note that Bradley's name has been lined through directly below GEN Hodges' name. The Cyrillic letter K directly to its left could well be that of MSU Konev who struck GA Bradley's name from this particular order before it was dispatched to Moscow. When the confirming Presidium of the Supreme Soviet decree was issued (second attachment), only GEN Hodges' name was listed as having been awarded the Order of Suvorov First Class. Bradley's award record card indicates his Order of Suvorov was authorized via a subsequent 1st Ukrainian Front order - order number 065/N dated May 17th, 1945. While the podvignaroda site has no record of this order nor of any subsequent PSS decree confirming it, there is photographic evidence indicating MSU Konev did award the Order of Suvorov First Class to GA Bradley on May 17th, 1945 (attachment three below). In the final attachment, it appears GA Bradley is wearing the service ribbons for the Orders of Suvorov and Kutuzov First Class to the very left on the third ribbon row from the bottom. As noted above, I examined GA Bradley's Order of Kutuzov First Class at the location where it is exhibited. There was no Order of Suvorov First Class located with that exhibit. Regards, slava1stclass
  4. Gents, Here is an extract from the PSS decree that awarded TSgt Bieder his OGIII. He is entry number 2. Regards, slava1stclass
  5. Gents, Using the search tools available on the Russian podvignaroda web site, I was able to confirm 200 Soviet orders and medals as being awarded to U.S. Army personnel in World War II. This list is by no means all inclusive. Fellow forum member NavyFCO has specialized in this subject and has written on this topic both within this forum as well in separate publications. The information provided below is offered to complement earlier efforts. Note, too, that not all of the orders and medals listed below were subsequently confirmed via Presidium of the USSR decrees. Some were awarded based solely on orders issued by field commands. The list is ordered by precedence from top to bottom: ORB - 2 OSI - 1 OSII - 7 OSIII - 4 OKII - 7 OKIII - 1 OAN - 6 OPWI - 34 OPWII - 62 ORS - 24 OGIII - 16 BM - 15 CSM - 21 Regards, slava1stclass
  6. Gents, Click on the words "Reply to Pattons Soviet Awards" below to be directed to information on the other MH recipient NavyFCO describes above. Regards, slava1stclass
  7. Gents, This excellent photograph is currently available on the well-known auction site. It is the best resolution copy I've seen thus far. As a result, we now know our unidentified Soviet officer wearing U.S. Army jump wings (first mentioned above), was also awarded a United States Army Bronze Star Medal (the ribbon immediately above the jump wings). The presentation ceremony occurred on May 12th, 1945, at the airport/airfield in Linz, Austria. Soldiers from the U.S. Army's 65th Infantry Division provided the honor guard. General Patton presented Lt Gen N. D. Zakhvatayev, Commander, 4th Guards Army, with the Legion of Merit (LM) in the degree of Commander. He also presented lower degree LMs to 12 other Red Army personnel. There is also a report Patton awarded some Bronze Star Medals to Red Army personnel that day. It is unclear whether the Soviet officer wearing the ribbon for the Bronze Star Medal above the U.S. Army jump wings was one of them. Regards, slava1stclass
  8. Gents, Currently available in the former Soyuz. Initial asking price is $8,000.00. This OGI was awarded. Regards, slava1stclass
  9. Gents, It does not get better than this. United States Army Medal of Honor recipient Technical Sergeant Max Thompson who was also awarded the Order of Glory Third Class. Read more about him here: Regards, slava1stclass
  10. Christian, He was a corporal with duties as a forward observer/forward observer squad leader assigned to an artillery regiment in a rifle division subordinated to the 69th Army. His OGI was for action in mid-April 1945 (after the Oder River crossing) during offensive operations to the south of the Seelow Heights IVO of Lebus, Germany. All told, he received seven decorations during the war; six orders - two OPWIIs, an ORS and three OGs and one medal - a CSM. Regards, slava1stclass
  11. nickstrenk, Yes, the Russian word "фуфло" is an accurate description. Regards, slava1stclass
  12. nickstrenk, The word reproduction as I've used it here means something meant to deceive - it is not an official mint-issued duplicate. To call it a fake is also accurate. You would have to have a jeweler test the metal to confirm whether it is actually gold. It is then up to you to decide how you want to dispose of the OGI. Selling it for its pure gold content alone would be an option. None of the three OG serial numbers listed in the OK match those awarded to Malikov, Nikolay Ivanovich. Regards, slava1stclass
  13. Mikuláš, Unfortunately, the Order of Glory First Class is a reproduction and not an authentic piece. Additionally, there is no record of OGI serial number 2412 ever having been produced/awarded which makes the OGII, OGIII and Ordenskaya Knizhka in this "set" similarly bad. Regards, slava1stclass
  14. Gents, Just listed on the well-known NYC-area dealer's site. Price: $11,500.00. Regards, slava1stclass
  15. Gents, This group went unsold on the well-known auction site. Its last price was BIN for $1,599.00. The seller pulled the listing on February 22 indicating it was "no longer available." Regards, slava1stclass