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  1. Gents, This group has just been listed on the well-known auction site with a Buy It Now price of $43,500.00. While the U.S. stock market took a severe beating this week, documented Full Cavalier sets continue to skyrocket (at least in terms of asking price!). Check it out. Regards, slava1stclass
  2. Gents, Currently available in the former Soyuz. Asking price: $30,500.00. The set includes a duplicate/replacement award booklet which the Russian Federation issued on June 2, 1994. It's the first time I've seen such a booklet with a Full Cavalier set. He was a sergeant major and recon squad leader in a rifle battalion when recommended for his OGI. Regards, slava1stclass
  3. Gents, It sold for $224.50. Regards, slava1stclass
  4. David, Welcome to the forum. In the future, please post questions of this nature in the Russia: Imperial sub-forum. Thank you! Regards, slava1stclass
  5. Gents, This official-issue duplicate is currently available on the well-known U.S. auction site. The opening bid was set at 99 U.S. cents. By serial number, this is the first of two OGIIIs awarded to this Full Cavalier. He was also awarded an OGII and OGI thereby receiving four distinct Order of Glory awards during the war. As detailed in my book, while clearly not the norm, he was far from the only Full Cavalier to have been erroneously awarded the Order of Glory more than three times. He was a senior sergeant and 120mm mortar crew chief in a rifle regiment when recommended for his OGI. Regards, slava1stclass
  6. Gents, Currently at auction in the former Soyuz. The opening bid is $6,884.00. Unfortunately, as is often encountered on OGIs, note the large gouge on the reverse side's lower left arm's outside edge. These crude knife cuts were made to confirm the order was truly gold. The recipient was a Guards private and signaller assigned to a mortar company in a Guards mountain rifle regiment/division. As noted in my book, Full Cavaliers who came from the ranks of mountain rifle units were very uncommon. Regards, slava1stclass
  7. Gents, The group sold for $16,501.00. Regards, slava1stclass
  8. Gents, Currently at auction in the former Soyuz. Opening bid for the group is $9,960.00 - very reasonable considering all that is included. The Full Cavalier in question was erroneously issued two OGIIs during the war. The second erroneous OGII award was upgraded to the OGI seen here almost 25 years later. He was a sergeant major and squad leader in a dismounted reconnaissance platoon assigned to a rifle regiment when recommended for his final OG. As an enlisted man, it was no small feat to have been awarded six distinct combat orders. Regards, slava1stclass
  9. Gents, A single/loose OGI with its associated Full Cavalier booklet recently sold in the former Soyuz for slightly over $9,500.00 - a solid price and that in the former Soyuz. It would be interesting to see what price would have been attained had the associated OGII and OGIII been available/included. As noted throughout this thread, in the very early days following the collapse of the USSR, many Full Cavalier sets were broken up. This was due in part to the misguided notion that the OGI alone (given its gold content) would have greater appeal/realize a greater profit in the West. Regards, slava1stclass
  10. Gents, This thread has come a very long way over the past 12 and one-half years. Having just surpassed 50,000 unique views and with almost 700 replies, it is by far the most popular non-pinned active thread in the entire GMIC Russia forum - thank you. Here's to the next 50,000 views! Regards, slava1stclass
  11. Gents, Should any doubt remain, and as some fellow GMIC members are already aware, this set's legitimacy has also been confirmed on a sister Russian forum. Regards, slava1stclass
  12. The information and images associated with this group were found online. Yes, it is possible. I would think the orders/medals seen in the "on location" image were cleaned under field conditions before the image was taken. The serial numbers for the OGII, OGIII and BM all match those awarded to Vyatkin. We know that Vyatkin's unit fought in Rathenow. Relatedly, Vyatkin's OGI (serial number 1308) was offered for sale on a site in the former Soyuz in early October 2016. The last bid price of which I was aware was $7,300.00. With the rest of his award group's recent discovery, who knows, maybe a group reunion is in the works. One may assume Vyatkin received official duplicates for his OGII, OGIII and BM after the war owing to the originals' loss during combat. The podvig site confirms he was awarded the Medal for the Defense of Moscow. The Medal for the Defense of Moscow seen in Egorka's above post is a replacement. Regards, slava1stclass
  13. Gents, In the war's final days, Vyatkin's unit was engaged in action as part of the Berlin Offensive Operation. His unit fought through Wriezen, Bernau, Glienecke (Glienecke/Nordbahn), Hennigsdorf, Elstal, Brandenburg and Rathenow (where the above orders and medals were discovered). On May 8, 1945, his combat trail ended on the banks of the Elbe River in the vicinity of Tangermünde. Vyatkin was also awarded an ORS on March 20, 1945. Evidently, he had not yet been presented with his ORS and OGI at the time the above awards were lost. Regards, slava1stclass
  14. Gents, Score one for metal detecting. This OGII, OGIII, BM and Defense of Moscow medal group was found within the past six months just outside Rathenow, Germany (Brandenburg state). It was located under a tree in a forest. The group belonged to Full Cavalier Corporal Sergey L. Vyatkin. He was a reconnaissance scout/forward observer assigned to the 432nd Howitzer Artillery Regiment (1st Belorussian Front) when recommended and approved for his OGI on March 24, 1945. Vyatkin survived the war and died in 1986. How his orders and medals came to be located under that tree is unclear. Regards, slava1stclass
  15. Gents, Five days prior to his OGI being approved on June 29, 1945, Senior Sergeant Писклов (Pisklov) marched in the historic June 24, 1945, Victory Parade on Red Square, Moscow. He marched in the 1st Ukrainian Front's formation. As addressed in my book, he numbers among the relatively few Full Cavaliers who marched in the Victory Parade. This fact certainly adds another unique dimension to this set. Regards, slava1stclass