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  1. Thanks for all the detail, this one is a late printing of this badge....so not 1968....
  2. yes, very late 'carrier' based aircraft badge. These are quite inexpensive (but cool).
  3. Welcome opinions, will say the first well know well respected dealer had the same derivative he asserted had well known provenance.I'm feeling pretty good about my particular one after a lot of investigation. Message me if you want to keep your concerns low profile, we can discuss
  4. I got a 'legit' response from a very reputable dealer on mine and I note Me###Mark## is also selling one of this same variant (photos below). So I believe it is 'good'.
  5. Yes I believe this is correct, and of course the founder of Garst Seeds.
  6. Just for clarification, this is an extension of the book at www.savashantiques.com and Azad continues to expand the number of badges he has identified (and there is a seemingly unending variation) He has published another article in Saint Petersburg collector that I will also finish converting to English, but remember the source material is all Azad's hard work and the book is a great reference. I want to encourage him to produce an 'update' at some point.
  7. I like this book too, and he has added to it with a few additional articles with more variants (if you end up with the book I can send you the articles). http://savashantiques.com/GUARDSBOOK.htm
  8. I love the simplicity and look of your 'card' you mount them on.....while I have been focused on the 'electronic research' I have neglected the physical presentation. Thank you for this.....
  9. Egorka, you set the standard for what I hope to achieve with my own research and I have to say Cazack, your own physical display and cataloging (the simple card, with white border and lettering) has really inspired me as well. Neither my collection nor skills yet even approach the work here....
  10. Sorry, double post was just trying to clarify, there is a suggestion that the earliest ones also had the lightest pattern under the red flag enamel. But my personal sample/collection is not large (~75 wartime badges).
  11. I love these 'custom' bars. Here is one with really common medals, but the awardee was clearly proud of them! Paint (?) under very thick Plexiglas wrapped in a brass hanger set.
  12. The badge itself isn't so uncommon (?) but the back is indeed strange, maybe the thickness of the metal that was stamped or ? it is (I think?) a fairly early stamping with limited notching under the flag?
  13. Can someone tell me (with some precision) the gauge of the wire used to construct the eyelet on a bravery medal? or someone with a caliper measure the diameter? Then, is the link wire to the hanger a smaller gauge? Thank you!
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