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  1. The Set is gone from eBay. I hope no one did buy it
  2. HI ilieff, Thank you for the photo.It is splendid It really looks like that this cross was given in rare numbers and only to VIP The 1st Class Decoration of Prince Ferdinand next to the Bravery Order, luxury model with Diamonds, is the first I ever seen so far. Amazing We keep discovering new facts every day. I assume that he got the Bravery Order after he became PM, that suggests that the Braver Order could be a once off special order in very limited numbers by Ferdinand and was given to VIPs till runs out.
  3. Hi Yankee, I have the answer of your questions regarding the rare 4th Class Orders you started the topic 10 years ago. Both are French made Material Silver very likely maker according to an expert is Firm Kretly Paris here are pictures you can see very clearly the French mark for Silver "boar head"\ On one of your pictures you posted with the other rare model of this $th Class you can see the same mark on exactly the same place- the mark is upside down but is clear "boar head" (Post #13) igor Ostapenko was spot on with his guess that is French made
  4. At least the seller admits it is a brass copy with a new ring This item is on eBay for sale.
  5. Hi I want to share this picture with you This is the French text translation : Insignia of the order of bravery that belonged to William II (1859-1941), King of Prussia and emperor of GermanySilver,gold plated and enamelSpecial Model for "heads of the dead" (Backhand)1914-1918
  6. The Unique Silver Cross is a mystery I have one and is marked 925 for Silver. There are samples that are nor marked. Late Prince Romanoff showed in his book 1915 model of this Cross There are miniatures of this Cross an also samples that are part of medal bars if the crosses from 1915 and 1941 are with similar features it is very likely tha the Firmt Zimmerman was their maker. How rare are both models -- it is very difficult to say. Simply because we are witnessing that more and very interesting "rare birds' are coming on the market.--also the fact that I have already six { one Gold, one Bronze, and four Silver} 1941 Model, which is considered as very rare as well. It is simply matter of time , luck and selective search
  7. Hi 992F, Thank you for the comment i did not include the sash because it is a modern made Grand Cross one, which was not mentioned in the listing. That means mismatch, however it is the smallest problem of the Set It was bought either from the World (International] Ribbons site or it is locally made one -more likely the first option - it costs 120 $ This company makes very nice ribbons mainly from modern materials, however they can not make the 1st Class Ribbon due to the high cost to make one and very low demand Sometimes they get a hold of Original old materials and make very good quality ribbons, nearly exactly like the Originals BTW the Ribbon loop on the top of this Set is from the same company you can buy from the company - It is Silver Gilded (not market) i think costs 30 or 40 EURO
  8. Hi, The quality will not fool an old collector, however it is a trap for the beginner collector A real First Class Set will never be made so many faults. Not talking about the soft enamel. Few fakes, with a different quality appeared on the market We have to be very careful if you do not want to depart with our hard earned $$$ for a fake. I hope some poor collector who is not a member of this Forum can buy it. i suspect the seller from Bulgaria knows very well, because he/she priced the Set not very high plus "make an offer " feature. i bet he/she will accept very low offer for the fake Set
  9. Did you see this 1st Cl;ass Set of the Order of St Alex on Ebay Republican Model In my Opinion is Fake 1 The Cross has fabricated central medallion -very likely soft enamel as the one you showed GMIC i do not like the swords attachment as well 2. The Star as a whole is very strange - 85 mm wide - it should be 88 mm The finish is very bad especially the swords. I do not like those rivets on the back They remind me of the attachment of the fake Military Merit Stars The central medallion especially the green enamel lacks the fine pattern under the enamel. The central red enamel plus the Lion -poor quality The Wreath is also strange pattern What do you think?
  10. Hi Ilieff, That you for getting my massage We did not write any book We did not publish any articles. We are pure collectors who bang our heads to clear some facts that are not in the books.using our knowledge and materials that are in our hands or in books and on internet Igor is sometime hot headed It is OK with me It shows eagerness to show a point All of us we have different ways to get our points. Thanks God it is just a Forum on Internet Can you imagine what could be if we are locked in a room and try to get our point. There could be a fist fight at some stage Like in many Parliaments around the world. That is the nature of Debate -could be very hot sometimes I have more information regarding the French made Bravery order with French mark for Silver post #33 from 27 of August It comes from an expert on Bulgarian Orders "the bravery order with the boar head mark for Silver is very interesting. I would like to assume that the jeweller Kretly in Paris may be considered for this early type, in conjunction with this mark. I have not seen such a punch yet on a bravery order, but on many decorations of civil merit order I can prove "Kretly"." That is some proof that all those Models were not privately made but by some of the best makers at that time Why?...to bang our heads even further Hi Ilieff -Good point if they are made privately ...why bronze. BTW Thank you both for the photos Cheers
  11. Hi As it is suspected the this Model was one of the first ones. Also we can speculate that it was given mainly to high ranking Officers, that can explain the lower numbers seen then the standard crosses.we also can speculate that any of the rare Models we see were given only to high ranking Officers and on special ceremonies
  12. Thank you for the comments Graf
  13. Hi Ilieff, Good Job Thanks No 1 is from my collection and it is a silvered brass No any marks evident on the cross Till now in the literature this Variant was divided on two type with smooth borders {2, 4, 5 and 6) and attached swords and with notched borders and free standing swords {1 and 3) From your research is evident that it is not possible to define only two types It is also indicative that this variant could have been made by more then one maker. That raises the questions - When exactly it was made What period it could be fitted and What was the reason this variant to be made The question about the material of No 2 could be answered only by the collector who has it
  14. Hi Ilieff, I was looking in your post 23 from 29 of March The second picture from a collector in Bulgaria - the enamel of the cross look very similar to the enamel of another rare Variation of this Class I recently managed to get a hold of this Variation and I found out that those crosses were made in France There is a French Mark for Silver "boar head", This support the theory that these crosses are made by official companies and makers and are not privately made. Why and when is still mystery. Best Graf
  15. Hi , I saw it as well. I did not bid for it because I have similar already. It is a pity that the dealer separated the Set/Bar The marks are for Silver and Maker mark