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  1. Hi , I saw it as well. I did not bid for it because I have similar already. It is a pity that the dealer separated the Set/Bar The marks are for Silver and Maker mark
  2. Hi igor, Nice mini here i my latest mini of the Grand Cross of Civil merit It is very small 12 mm in diameter compared to the 20 mm 1st Class on the left
  3. Thank you. I was lucky to get few more It looks like the Silver is a little bit easier to find here is my small collection of the 1941 Soldier Cross
  4. Hi, I agree with you Not as detailed and not a qood quality as the Ferdinand and Boris Models, however still very rare and very nice. Thanks for the listing
  5. belgian Order of Leopold l

    Hi Vincent It is the late second type of C. Buls If you look my post from 7th of August you can see the 1st type on the left from the Commander Cross and the 2nd type on the right The Commander Crosses and the Grand Cordon Crosses by Buls always came with the 1st type crown as seen on the picture Sometime they have marks, however many times they are not marked Best Graf
  6. At last i managed to get hold of this rare piece, which is believed to of the one of the first 4th Class Bravery Order...and i managed to solve one of the mystery- where was made this rare and unique piece- in France It has a French Silver mark "boar head" I am still looking to find a maker mark -it could be anywhere on the cross .If i find it i will post you a picture. Graf
  7. At last I managed to get all versions of the 1941 Soldier Cross Model Thr Bronze cross does exist. What is the purpose of it --it is still mystery for me. I have not seen any 1941 Model with crossed ribbons, therefore i still think it was made to represent 3rd Class, Perhaps, because all 1941 Soldiers Crosses were made in Germany and given only to German Personnel i can speculate that they try to copy/adopt other similar German awards models 1st Class -Gold 2nd Class Silver and 3rd Class Bronze. Graf
  8. Hi, Here is the information from Prince Romanoff book As I suggested he considers that this is second model of the cross, which was awarded.It is obvious that this model is by far much rarer then the first model The large ring could be another feature of this rare model apart from the other different features Hi Ilieff you have good eyes I did not notice that the line was drawn. That explains the difference This ribbon was modified to match the design of the original ribbon Bear in mind that Prince Romanoff had an exclusive access to very rare items at the time of writing his book including some rare ones. This was not the case fro the Bulgarian authors. This can explain why some of those models did not appear in their books. They rely on their own collections and the ones of fellow collectors. Graf
  9. Hi Petar, Very interesting facts Can you consider that this could be a rare Model with the name of the maker stamped on it Many of the books for Bulgarian Orders, although some of them are very good,, are not covering 100% of what was made. Like many Bulgarian and non Bulgarian awards, this particular one can come in two models marked and not marked and the first one being much rarer then the second one Why experimental or prototype model We can assume that this is a official marked model and as i mentioned rarer then the not marked one.. Like you say, this rare model came with a ribbon, although it is different from the well known one ( not only the size) suggests that it was awarded The smaller size ribbon indicate that it might have been awarded to a lady. Graf
  10. Hi Igor, There is a similar book on Bravery Order by Uwe Bretzendorfer I have this book.I was lucky that Uwe sold me the very last copy he had i am not sure whether he will re- publish it again Uwe does not have any more copies at this stage It looks like the Bulgarian Bravery Order is quite popular in Germany due to the fact that many Germans s were awarded It is very nice book He has a little bit different classification of the Bravery Order from those ones of the Bulgarian authors. He himself is a eager collector of Bulgarian Orders I will post the front cover in the next 1-2 days Graf
  11. It is sad that the Auction House has split the Set Starting price for the Cross -40 000 EURO plus com Starting Price for the Star -15.000 EURO plus com I wish i could buy both and keep the Set together...Just a dream
  12. Hi Lambert, The problem is that thre are collectors on the market who do not communicate with other fellow collectors and they buy such items believing that they are original. They even do not bother to check the diamonds. Even the diamonds were real , they could be very low grade ones. As far as I remember the Bravery "Set" was on sale for over 10.000 US$ The value of low quality diamonds plus the 1941 Orders cold be around 2.000 - 3,000 US$ at the best. Stl profit of 7.000. ,,, and this is the best scenario if the Star is Original and the Diamonds real This is not the only Luxury set offered by dishonest sellers. I remember few of them. There was a St Alexander Star offered by seller fro turkey. I saw the Star on his site before it was turned into "Luxury" with Diamonds The Star had specific marks that I noticed even after the improvement The price jumped nearly tenfold It was sold on Ebay. . Do not spend hard earned money for questionable items... or they will be yours for ever with no value
  13. Hi Johannis, Many times the Order and the box are not from the same maker or period.That is because down the time many collectors and dealers mix and match them The ribbon looks very new to me When you get the Order you can check for any makers marks Perhaps some more advanced collectors of Italian Orders can identify the period of your Order from the picures Best Graf
  14. The First Model of Prince Ferdinand for 20 years Service was with a reverse text "Sluzba Otlicna" The reverse medallion ha the date 2 August 1887 This is the date when Prince Ferdinand arrived in Bulgaria after being elected as a prince The Second Ferdinand Model for 29 years Service is the same, however the text is "Otlichna Sluzba" and the quality of the green enamel is not as fine as the one of the First Model In King Boris Model for 20 years Service, as the one shown by Camelneck, the reverse is changed with one with a Lion without a shield Om the reverse the Prince/King Ferdinand initial is changed with the one of King Boris Here is a nice example of First Model for 20 years of Service by Rothe
  15. Hi Binky, There are other scenarios as well : Many buyers are not members of any clubs like this one and they will keep the items till they sell them and then they will find the truth Some will find sooner and will try to recover the loss by re-selling them This guy was very smart , he knew what he was doing, therefore he had no return policy. Also the Ebay policy for fakes is that the buyer has to provide a certificate from a reputable expert that the item is fake..and then still it is not guaranty that he/she will get the money back The moral of the story is if you see such a sale you better pass it Keep away if the seller does have very vague details of the items, does not specify if the item is Original and has No return policy Always ask questions before commit yourself