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  1. Hi Johannis, Many times the Order and the box are not from the same maker or period.That is because down the time many collectors and dealers mix and match them The ribbon looks very new to me When you get the Order you can check for any makers marks Perhaps some more advanced collectors of Italian Orders can identify the period of your Order from the picures Best Graf
  2. The First Model of Prince Ferdinand for 20 years Service was with a reverse text "Sluzba Otlicna" The reverse medallion ha the date 2 August 1887 This is the date when Prince Ferdinand arrived in Bulgaria after being elected as a prince The Second Ferdinand Model for 29 years Service is the same, however the text is "Otlichna Sluzba" and the quality of the green enamel is not as fine as the one of the First Model In King Boris Model for 20 years Service, as the one shown by Camelneck, the reverse is changed with one with a Lion without a shield Om the reverse the Prince/King Ferdinand initial is changed with the one of King Boris Here is a nice example of First Model for 20 years of Service by Rothe
  3. Hi Binky, There are other scenarios as well : Many buyers are not members of any clubs like this one and they will keep the items till they sell them and then they will find the truth Some will find sooner and will try to recover the loss by re-selling them This guy was very smart , he knew what he was doing, therefore he had no return policy. Also the Ebay policy for fakes is that the buyer has to provide a certificate from a reputable expert that the item is fake..and then still it is not guaranty that he/she will get the money back The moral of the story is if you see such a sale you better pass it Keep away if the seller does have very vague details of the items, does not specify if the item is Original and has No return policy Always ask questions before commit yourself
  4. Hi With a risk to put oil into the fire Do not forget that the main occupation of the owner of eMedals has jeweler He run successful jewellery business before started selling Military stuff I also found very similar repair patterns in the enamel especially on the top of the right arm on the picture #44 it cannot be coincidence such identical repair on two extremely rare models surfacing on the market in a very short time I might be wrong I have seen over the years some items being sold and re-sold over and over aging with signs of small or big improvements Here is another early model sold by eMedals recently after being offered not long ago by a German dealer Those are the pictures from the German dealer site, which i was lucky to copy before the Order was sold and then appeared on eMedals site ..and sold again. Here are the pictures of this Model re-sold by eMedals as A Napoleonic Period Swedish Order of the Sword in Gold c.1815 -
  5. Regardless of those small differences both of them look from the same period When I listed the eMedals piece i did not mean that it was exactly the same as the one shown earlier in the thread i did mean that the piece is the same model from the Napoleon period Graf
  6. Very Bad news The fakers get away with a nice payments due to ignorance of Ebay and Ebay users i alerted Ebay -the response - only the Standard Thank you We will look into the issue. I looked into the other other of the seller very strange - some of them have shipping address in Bulgaria I hope this is one off problem he sells only very cheap coins. We will see Buyer Be Aware Rule
  7. It looks like what was a good Star or a part of it was altered plus engraving was added to look more real and also to add more value to the Star --similar to the engraved German Iron Crosses. I collect Iron Crosses as well, however personally I will be very reluctant to buy an engraved one unless I am 100% sure it is done at around the time of awarding Nevertheless, every collector has to make their mind whether he/she wants to have such a piece in their collection This thread is to alert the fellow collectors, however the choice is their Graf
  8. Hi Stuka, Some of the luxury Belgium miniatures are with real stones some are with artificial ones It is very difficult to say only from the pictures The best advice is to test them with a jeweler If you are located in Antwerp there are plenty of them and some of the nicest luxury Belgium miniatures are made there Graf
  9. Hi Camelneck, There is a book for sale on Ebay $159.90 or make an offer - free delivery The seller is 357-art from Bulgaria Good Luck Book " BULGARIAN ORDERS AND MEDALS " prof. Pavlov Lux Catalogue
  10. Hi guys. I i is nice to "hear' that you like the thread. I started it because I noticed that till then there had been no much information about fakes of Bulgarian Orders and decorations, Most of the collectors had to make their own judgement regarding the decorations that were for sale or an offer on the market. No body knows when the Bulgarian fakes came for the first time on the market,neither is known whether fakes have been made only in Bulgaria. Although that at one or another stage the fakes were discussed somewhere in the forums. It looks like that there is a new wave of Bulgarian fakes on the market The Ebay is not the only place for their distribution, although it is the easiest The problem is that many Military Dealers and Auction Houses, knowingly or not knowingly, also contribute to the sale of the fakes. All those facts have to make us very alert about any suspicious Bulgarian Decorations that appear on the market. The big question is how to separate the fakes from some pieces that are once off made or were made by order privately by the awarded persons or their families. My advice to the new collectors is to start with well known low levels decorations and once they have "hands on' experience to progress to the next level. Buy and invest in good books look the market and compare before commit yourself to buy an expensive item. Do not get fool by cheap deals an/or vague information and/or explains regarding the item an offer. Some of us are more informed then others, because they invested money and time to get some level of knowledge and also they had some bad experiences in the past with fakes Regarding the ways the fakes are created we can speculate quite a long time Some fakes , like Ilieff pointed out, are made with original parts to which new modern parts were adapted. It is known that a significant number of left over original parts were found and used for those kind of fakes. The other purpose of those kind of fakes is to upgrade, for example Commander Class to a 1st Class Cross. Also fake are created by butchering good Originals to match other Originals in order to create Sets of 1st and 2nd Class Awards or to create a rare Model like in the case of the Bravery Order 4th Class for Doctors and Clergy man. Those types of fakes are difficult to recognise just looking at the pictures. One has to hold them and investigate them using different simple methods - magnification, measuring, weighting and "needle test" The other fakes were made with new parts only and they, at least for the moment, are much easier to spot Whether the fakers use professional tools we only can guess. One is for sure they are getting better, because the demand is there on the market
  11. This guy on Ebay is real crook He is selling items from Bulgaria and Hungry. he is also suspect of fake bidding to pump up the prices of the two Fake Military Order Stars I am not sure whether he is using somebody account
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  13. Hi Binky, I had the identical reply from the seller You have very good points and New World is right it is impossible to chase those guys i know Dealers on internet who sell copies and they claim that they are Original and that they are not accepting any expert opinion from other Dealers .let alone to try to fight with those sellers on Ebay. I looked the options to report the item s The Stars --- there are not any rules for fakes and copies. The Ebay does not care about the fakes unless a big company threatens them to sue for forgery That is why Ebay is a Golden mine for fakers and sellers of fakes -The only Rule is Bayer Be Ware This guy is very Smart he khows the rules on Ebay very well -He Did not mentioned anywhere that the Stars are Original, Ho detailed description -only pictures to evaluate some very , and No Returns. Al these are in his favour if there will be a compliant or a claim ,,,and also is a strong proof that he knows what he is selling At least, I hope the member of the Club are warned and they have to make their own decision.
  14. Hi Binky, Who ever is the seller he or She has to advice the potential buyers about the changes to the Stars It is blunt wrong not to let the buyers about any alterations As collector we have to be honest with our fellow collectors I recently sold 3rd Class 2nd Grade Bravery order i described it including any repairs.. That I felt is the correct action. The Buyer form Ukraine re sold it with asmal profit without mentioning the repairs It is wrong. Regarding the 1st Class Star if you are the seller please test the enamel it looks modern soft one and the anorexic letters are typical of the modern copies Also the murky picture on the reverse, compared with the relatively good ones of the obverse brings more doubt about the Star The 2nd Class -I already expressed my opinion I would never bid on such item. I had my bad experience as beginner and that is why i started this forum to help the fellow collectors to avoid my mistakes, especially the beginners Graf
  15. Hi Yes That i said is a shocker The marks from left to right are supposed to be a French maker mark,, French hallmark for Silver "boar head" and the 950 mark is not supposed to be there at all -all are wrong I suspect the front looks decent because they might some original parts or copied them very good. What is your opinion for the picture of the reverse of the 1st Class Star I still think it was borrowed from somewhere else It does not match the firs pictures...also It look quite familiar to me I might have seen it somewhere else I sent a mail to the seller to advise the potential buyers So far he has not answered, neither he added any additional notes He knows what he is doing, that is why he did not specify that the Stars are Original. Plus the details are next to nothing. There are already bidders Poor Suckers