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  1. I just spotted this 2nd Class of The Order for Military merit on ebay.de The Cross is OK, however the Star looks very strange In my opinion it is one of those Stars with new enamel and someone tried ti age it and something went utterly wrong Judge by yourself Best
  2. Set sold for only 1600 Euro The same price was for the single Star It looks like the Set did not attract serious buyers
  3. Hi Ilieff, The seller of the Set does not show any side pictures of the cross He knows something it does not like to share with many others --only the buyer will know The Item Number on eBay.de is 332714903842 Hi 992F, Yes this is a "Real Gem" I am not surprised The Seller perhaps knows, however he is after the $$$$$ He is an old experienced seller
  4. Hi Ilieff, It is still there go to ebay.de then search Bulgarien in Sammeln und Selten Section then Militaria - 1871-1914 Best
  5. Hi 922F, Thank you for the information It helps to solve the burning question about the time of those items production Such thing happened with the left overs of other Orders and Decoration makers Even the original matrixs have been sold as well Then the new owners need skillful jewelers to get the desired results Unfortunately, such items have been presented as"Original" and many new collectors with some good initial budget get stung I have been following this seller for a while and i suspect he has on his dispose a handsome quantity of left overs or more over he has bee involved in selling items that could be made by using old matrixs Most of his items were rare and unusual in nature For this particular Set of St Alexander mine main question is why if it is Original and made in the early 1900 the swords are wrong Rothe was very strict with his Orders especially if this set is the highest Class Also the different condition of the Star and the Cross The Cross is very worn while the Star is nearly mint..plus the other issues I mentioned earlier.
  6. Hi Utopis, Your remarks are correct That was my point i suspect late production even recent one using spare or left over parts This seller has listed recently very rare Sets of different order from Europe mainly Austrian made ones with very similar features They are usually listed on ebay Germany for a very short time Auction style The auctions are private No PayPal accepted No returns Some Set have been sold on very good price Well bellow wht you expect for such rare period items It does not make sense to me
  7. Hi, The seller who sold the Luxury St Alexander Star pictured in #66 and #67 has listed even rare Grand Cross Set with swords in the middle. According to some sources only 5 of those sets were ever awarded, yet this luxury Set appear on the market for sale less then two months after the sale of the other Star I have few reservation regarding this Set 1 The Cross looks much more worn comparing to the Star 2 The Star has few, in my opinion problems - residual glue on the central medallion, The swords look are added later on because they are cut off and attached to the body of the Star with prongs/pins Usually the swords go through the central medallion I cannot see how they are attached to the Cross. When you look the bottom parts of the swords especially the one on the right it looks like the cut off edge is very fresh It is not typical for a luxury Grand Cross Star to have those problems Compare with the other Luxury Star with the Swords above That was is called a luxury finish I do not mind the fact that the swords are not the standard shape as we have seen few stars and crosses with slightly different shapes i have in my collection grand Cross Star with different shape ( from German States Order used by Godet), however the swords are correctly assembled (picture provided) When i look the marks on the pin of the new Star something is bothering me, however i am not sure what I might be wrong however i will not bid on this Set BTW it is on Ebay.de ( Germany) I will be invite you for your comments
  8. Graf

    Croix de l'ordre de Saint-Louis

    Hi Anna_M The Order is OK and very nice I agree that it is the Louis XVI period It was a common practice to use Orders from one period with parts from the next one Sometimes old Crosses were adapted to the new period The existence of different crosses is due to different makers Some crosses are marked for Gold some are not Here are three Orders from LouisXVI , LouisXVIII and the July Monarchy period (Cross adapted by removing the Loius XVIII Model lilies between the arms Best Graf
  9. Hi Ilieff, Thanks for the additional information That were my poiints 1, Early Prince Ferdinand period 2. Austrian - all high classes Austrian made Stars has this diamond cut and shape 3. Not 100% whether 1st or 2nd Class The size leans toward 1st Class Also the Luxury type suggests that is more likely made by order by someone or for someone of importance The luck of second ring is not so important. Only could be speculated that the Star could be a second Class and the maker did not have a small luxury size Star for this occasion 4. Because it is not marked, however only from two pictures front and back it can be speculated that could be marks/s somewhere only close inspection can tell us If not marked could be contributed to any of the Austrian makers at that time. 5. Anyway such Stars do not come very often on the market and if new World managed to get it Congrats. Graf
  10. Hi New World, Then Enjoy it Congrats Yes it is typical Austrian type Notice the Swords they are mounted upside down..and the second ring The first Star is typical French Similar sold by JK Militaria Best Graf
  11. Hi New World, I saw this Star on eBay Germany i t was sold for a good price. The body of the Star is Austrian type Typical for the Austrian Orders The size is mystery, because the features are for the 2nd Class because has only single ring around the central part of the medallion However I have seen 1st Class of the early prince Ferdinand Stars with only one ring This Star is not the Standard one and very likely was made by Order, hence the unusual features The other, unlikely option is the central medallion to be attached in a later stage to the body of the Star. This dealer from Austria has sold many rare items, however i have seen few unusual ones as well That does not mean foul play at all Did you buy the Star is so when the Star arrives inspect it carefully, although it looks OK for me
  12. Hi 922F Thank you for the comments The mark is ta eagle head -French mark for Gold I recently missed out on another rare miniature It was sold recently The price went well above what i expected It took me by surprise It is a pity because i have the full size Badge in a box Hi Jovanmara i do not have Facebook account For me Facebook is a spying on its members very badly and i suspended my account Sorry. i will find other way to contact you
  13. Hi Jovanmara, If the those red cross badges are from your collection then Congratulations. The Queen Eleonora badges are very nice -also the 1st Class Star is a very rare and desirable I am still looking for one There is a dealer who has 2 of them however i am not prepared to pay the price he demands -over 3500 US$ Here is my collection of this Order - plus the miniature in Gold (French made) My information is that the 1st Class was given in two separate boxes -One for the Star the other one for the neck cross/badge
  14. My latest addition for the early model red Cross badges with open design The small one on the left with the ribbon
  15. As i said from what i can see from the picture You can see better the details in the central medallion. St George is quite possible and right It is another possible Decoration- the swords could indicate Military Academic Society