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  1. Hi New World Thank you for the comments. They are mounted to be worn together I assume this is the 1st Class Set I am not sure how how the awarding was in place Whether the persons awarded could be given the Order/Cross more then once 922F- any information will be appreciated I will post more pictures when the Set arrives Best Graf
  2. Hi Guys Here are the miniatures of the Order The badge is 18 mm wide and the Star is 24 mm wide -Silver gilded Best Graf
  3. Hi Alpha Draconis, The price is what the market is willing to pay at this point. All Catalogues are only guide lines I have seen over the years very "expensive " items sold very cheap and vice versa seemingly not important items sold for a small fortune I suspect you did buy the Cross on a very good price and now you are selling it to make few $$$ It is OK in the real world ......or your main interest is not Bulgarian Orders otherwise you will keep it Good Luck
  4. Here is a nice photo of Queen Eleonora wearing her Red Cross Badge Look the size of it Plus a man with decorations The man is not known to me Any idea?
  5. Hi That is a good news Then Consider it as Grand Cross Meanwhile i looked the Cross and has features of a Grand Cross and also the length you gave is typical of a Grand Cross YJust wanted to make sure that is the correct Cross Congrats. Regarding the Collar -there are two of the Big and Small The big one had a cross 55 mm wide while the small Collar had a Cross 51 mm wide
  6. Hi Here is an example of a Grand Cross of the Order of Civil merit The French can call it Hybrid. The body is the 1st type of the Princely Model with hand made back of the oak leaves, while the crown is from the is from the 1908 Model -Tzar or King Type. Prof. Pavlov in his book has mentioned that this Crosses appear as early as 1900 after the Order for Military merit was introduced. I agree with New World on the second point Once the 1st Class with Green enamel was introduced the Grand Cross was introduced as well in 1908 We have to keep it this way for the sake of the simplicity It does not mean tha some could have used in the past both names
  7. Hi, The Order for bravery looks like the one with the lilies The The Order of Leopold Grand Cordon Star -Military Division is a very nice an early model It is typical shape here are pictures of similar Star Also some unusual pictures of French generals wearing Bulgarian Order for Military Merit -not very common Graf
  8. Hi Alpha Draconias, Can you measure the arms of the Cross in a horizontal line for ex. upper poiint of the left to upper point of the right arm I have the feeling that the Cross might be Commander and the size you gave is measured at diagonal then you have 54 mm if is horizontal 50-51 mm it is Commander The decorations are always measured in horizontal line Here are pictures of Commander measured two ways right way -horizontal line 50 mm wrong way diagonal line -54 mm If your cross is 54 mm in horizontal line it is Grand Cross if it is 50 mm it is Commander/2nd Class Cross with missing ribbon loop Both New World and the Ilieff are right Although this Cross officially is a King Ferdinand (if the size is correct) is Grand Cross, however there are reports suggesting that the King Crown was used even before 1908 and it is speculated that this might have happened after the Order for Military Merit was introduced in 1900 (this order never had princely crown as the other Orders) and its crown form was used In my opinion as,Ilieff stated it is difficult to draw a firm line Best Graf
  9. I found better picture on the reverse site of the Star with the motto I remember now it was sold on the Hemman Historica a year ago It was stated that it is 1st Class Star - Breite 90 mm. Gewicht 76,2 g. Seltene
  10. Hi Guys, i just discovered that this strange Set of SS Cyril and Methodius was sold or re-sold in 2014 on La Galerie Numismatique Auction I am not sure whether this is another Set or the same Set was re-sold over and over again For the first time we can see some marks on the pin of the Star
  11. Hi 992 F, I am not quite sure that the Kretly Star is a trial It is properly marked for French Silver on the pin plus the Kretly mark plus the proper Kretly Plate, The Quality is typical Kretly Firm. I am not defending it simply because i own this Star Simply I analyze the facts. It is contrary to the unmarked Stars and Crosses sold recently on different Auctions and Dealers Sites BTW The Cross on Liverpool site, discussed in other thread, is sold. Unless there is a Vatican Document stating that the Austrian Firm Mayer was the sole designated maker of this decoration we have to accept that there could be other makers who gives their own Variation Depending od the materials they use The Mayer Star is typical Austrian type I can not remember where i saved the Star with the motto from. However I will try to trace the site. The Set i listed was sold on 259 Kuenker Auction in 2015 The badge is being on sale for a while on La Galerie Numismatique Supposedly it was already "sold' twice on two of theirs previous Auctions ??!! Best Graf
  12. The Set is very rare and nice especially with original box There are few makers -even french ones Here is a Star from Kretly ...plus more pictures of different Stars, Crosses and Breast badge
  13. Hi 922F Thank you for the link It is a very interesting information. Now the question is who was first the egg or the hen i.e. whether the the Setts and the Crosses of the Order of SS Cyril and Methodius with blue enamel existed before the Stars and Crosses of this private society or other way around, someone (could be the French Maker) used the society left over decorations and crated new Model of the Bulgarian order. Graf