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  1. Hi New World, I agree with you the Star is OK only the swords are questionable Close examination can help however every collector has to make their own mind whether to have such item in their collection Only the awarded person or/and the few later owners of the Star will know the answer Who knows? Original swords are usually attached with a rivet or a nut I also have seen original swords attached in a wrong way Do we have to reject the Star or take it as maker mistake or the swords came off and re-attached wrong way Anyway the Star on eBay Germany has to be looked with a question in mind.
  2. I saw this Star on eBay Germany The seller is claiming that it is Rothe Here is the back of the Star I cannot see clear Rothe marking For me the marking on the pin looks more like "800' for silver Many times the sellers just make a claims to make the item more saleable I am more inclined th think it is German made if there are no any clear makers marking The Star looks OK to me It is not unusual some of the makers to use parts from other Orders or the awarded person requested the Star to be modified. It is very difficult to say whether this was done at a later stage for a better profit, although this is also possibility The patina is the same. As one of the members suggested a very close look with magnification will be very useful The way the swords are attached is very important I have few items in my collection that look odd, however I accepted them because i could not find any signs for a later modifications or/and "upgrades" Here is the back of the Star from eBay Germany and also some of my items One is also St Alex Star It is French type, however the swords were from a German States Order commonly used by Godet I did buy that Star in Germany from a reputable dealer few years ago. The other is French made Knight of St Alex and a third is the mini of the Bravery Order by Godet This seller on eBay Germany is also selling a Commander of the Order of Military Merit The Order is OK with only one problem -the back central medallion is missing and is replaced with a bronze disk with a name This is questionable The Price 200+ Euro suggests that not serious buyers kept away from it Graf
  3. Ni New World, You are correct You presented this Star in Post 133 and we discussed it The same Star offered again on the market Cheers Graf
  4. Hi, One more Suspect on eBay Germany We discussed those Stars in the past The seller from Ukraine claims it is 100% Original Silver 10 mm wide Here is the New Suspect I do not like many of the features at all Your comments Graf
  5. Hi Andy, Thank you for the additional information
  6. Hi New World The Star from posts 202 and 203 is for sale again on eBay as "100% Original' Asking Price 850$
  7. Hi Ilieff, Here is another Award with Bulgarian Crown
  8. EK 2 1914 - Maker "G"

    Hi It is nicely worn Godet EK2 It is not very common, however can be found from time to time Here is mine, together with the Godet EK1 marked G on the pin...... plus the Godet with the hooks on the back
  9. I suppose this is the right price for anyone who collects modern Models In 50 years time could be quite collectable.by any standards
  10. Hi New World, What is the asking price? Yes It seems the interest for the new 'revived" Tzar's Awards is very low I personally would not be interested, although i have quite a few Communist Awards One has to draw a line of the scope of his/her collection.
  11. Hi, I have seen this star on Auction not long ago Interesting is that the engraving looks similar to the one on the back of the Military Order Star discussed in Fake Bulgarian Orders -Posts 133-135 It is possible to be inventory numbers, however we only can speculate....or added later on for better profit Similar scenario we have with the German Iron Crosses if engraved they attract better price.Hence the temptation for later engraving
  12. One thing is for sure -It is very interesting display. We can make our interpretations, however only the Shipkoff &Co Firm archives will have the correct answers The ribbons ( the black and white picture does not help us) could be some indications, however not always. I have seen Orders and decorations with "adapted" ribbons For example i have a French made Bulgarian Order of St Alexander with very unusual crown and came with a Legion of Honour style ribbon Here is an interesting photo i found on internet
  13. Nice displays ! They are not at all off-the topic Hi Ilieff, The French Order is the very bottom one Order of Legion of Honour. Bulgaria has been and still is a one of the biggest supplier of Rose oil for the French Perfume industry.
  14. Hi Interesting picture of the Serbian teacher. an also his bravery action Without trying to be a pain I am still not convinced that there are swords Please zoom as max as possible and use additional magnifying glass. Here are the Officer Class of St Alex with sword above. They are quite solid and will be more visible on the picture.The shadow look more likely behind the cross and very fine non metallic nature lines The only explanation, if the swords are existing, is Princess Nadezhda was a symbolic head of Millitary Unit...and this Unut took part in war time actions
  15. Hi Ilieff, Very nice photo. I do not think the St Alexander has swords, although the crown design is such...or could be not a Bulgarian Order as well. Other members might have different ideas Not unusual an Order to be worn on ladies ribbon, although not many pictures exist with such a display.