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  1. Graf

    It ?s a Fake?

    Hi GregM, As you stated in one of the posts "NOT a fake. That is a pillow back style cross made by the maker "AWS". ( A. Werner & S?hne, Berlin ) These are a hard to find variation and usually bring a premium on the market. They can be found in screw back and pin back versions and can be found with silver or brass frames. I have one just like yours with a brass frame and iron core" I got the same brass core model. After looking in all existing materials I came to a conclusion that the Bras core screw back model never had a big plate only the screw which is also made of brass On some other forum sites the owners of this model were not happy that the "big disc" is missing. All crosses I researched none of them had any sign of previously existing big plate plate/disc The patina on the back, on all of them, showed very even pattern Best
  2. Graf

    1914 ek1 aws pillowback

    I have done a brief research of the existing and known crosses like the one I listed All brass frame crosses come without the additional big disk It looks like that they were delivered that way
  3. Graf

    1914 ek1 aws pillowback

    Hi I recently got this nice AWS Cross with screw back It is brass frame and a screw, however the core is magnetic Three is a faint mark? on the lower arm, which looks as a very faint AWS, however it could be just some other mark (not maker one) I have seen different variations of the screw back with big round plate or cross like plate in addition to the small screw(s) However all the brass frame versions I have seen were with no additional plates -like the one I got Furthermore there are no signs that there was additional disk Are those brass models without other plates/discs?
  4. My latest addition to the red cross collection German made in gilded Silver
  5. Graf

    belgian Order of Leopold l

    Hi, I just added a nice big miniature of an early model of the Order It is French made with mark "VL" and "head of hare" The 1'2 size Order in the middle is also French made with mark "head of hare"
  6. Graf

    help on this Légion d´honneur

    Hi, The Order is OK It looks Original It is a Knight Class from the Presidency Period A very short period from 1848-1852 It is relatively rare model It is a pity it is damaged, however still attractive Orders from this period in a perfect condition attract good price If you paid around 200 Euro or less You have done well The Order is made of Silver You can see the French mark for silver at the bottom of the cross - "boar head" typical mark for this period The red cloth inside the crown was added at some stage to make more attractive/dramatic look Usually a piece of ribbon is used You can get easily a ribbon for the order It is the same colour as the piece of cloth inside the crown Best
  7. Graf

    Legion D'Honour

    I agree with Daffy Duck I i can add that it is 3rd Republic Luxury Model Those Crosses were privately made by the owners to show some status in the society or in some cases by the the family or team mates for a special occasions Those crosses come in a many level of luxury from one Diamond to multiple ones From a flat forms to a very complex and domed ones The market and collectors value depends on many factors level of luxury, quality and number of diamonds, the material of the cross (silver or gold) the overall condition of the cross and other factors. Here are some examples I hope this was of some help
  8. We all agree - Bad recent work I agree the Officer will not add those fake Diamonds to a already worn Order. Any way item was sold
  9. Graf

    French mid 1800s epaulettes?

    In my opinion they could be French made, however South/North America High ranking Officer - a rank of general? Usually the French Epaulettes do not have metal rims and like Bayern pointed out the eagles have crown over their heads Second Empire French general Epaulettes look different. Any way it is a nice pair
  10. Hi New Word, For me it does matter. If the Dealer did it it is too bad If a lonely collector did it it point to creating purely fantasy item Any way No point arguing here Our role is to detect any fakes or unusual items and list it for discussions and to warn the members Best
  11. Hi New World, I agrree with your points Those stones are just glued to the swords handles..and they look very new and modern !00% recently "upgraded" item It was not a good job at all This is either fantasy upgrade or as you suggest to increase the value The question is who did it a collector or a Dealer ? Unfortunately, there are still many collectors out there who are not members of any forum and they do not know the traps and tricks on the market They simply trust the "reputable' dealers Note how the item is described. Buyer Be Ware rules apply.
  12. I want to share with you this interesting Star of the Order of Holly Spirit It was made once off for a movie set using the Original design of the star of king Louis XIV The size is 110 mm wide and long It has 100 Zirconia Diamond Stones it is silvered Weight 115 grams
  13. Hi Ilieff, Even now they a pretty nice let alone when a 15 years boy did.them Well done It is unfair to call them Wall of Shame More likely name is to be "My First Steps" Wall of Shames are all deliberate fakes Cheers Graf
  14. Graf

    belgian Order of Leopold l

    Hi Pieter, If you have the boar head (swinehead) mark that is a French mark for a Silver The features of the Star were pointing towards French Maker can you see with the magnifying glass what are the Letters inside the other mark In the French Section There is very nice thread with the French Makers marks Guy Deploige from Royal Military Museum in Brussels is very knowledgeable on this topic Best
  15. I forgot to include this one