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  1. Hi Interesting picture of the Serbian teacher. an also his bravery action Without trying to be a pain I am still not convinced that there are swords Please zoom as max as possible and use additional magnifying glass. Here are the Officer Class of St Alex with sword above. They are quite solid and will be more visible on the picture.The shadow look more likely behind the cross and very fine non metallic nature lines The only explanation, if the swords are existing, is Princess Nadezhda was a symbolic head of Millitary Unit...and this Unut took part in war time actions
  2. Hi Ilieff, Very nice photo. I do not think the St Alexander has swords, although the crown design is such...or could be not a Bulgarian Order as well. Other members might have different ideas Not unusual an Order to be worn on ladies ribbon, although not many pictures exist with such a display.
  3. Hi all, I think i found a matching miniature to this rare french made Bravery Order The miniature is marked with a French mark for silver and partial mark for the maker When comparing the features of both Full Size and the miniatures there are very similar. -both are marked with French marks for silver - both have very similar maker mark -which is more likely to be A. Chobillion according to couple of experts on French marks -the swords forms are the same - the connection above the cross and the ring are the same, although it is not very well detailed on the mini (quite understandable) - the finish of both looks the same
  4. I looked the ad. It seems the seller advises that the red and white enamel has been replaced He knows it is a fake
  5. Hi Igor The outer box is nice and very rare. Again it is more likely from the King Ferdinand period Similar Set (box and carton) was sold by eMedals...and this is the 2nd Class box for 1908 King Ferdinand Emission Again this is only if we follow strictly the design from the different Emissions
  6. Hi Igor, The box is very nice an is more likely princely type If the Cross comes directly from the Italian family and the Set can be traced to the awarded person it is very likely it is an award given an interim period. ...and could be 3rd Class. If there is not a strong evidence then the Set could be considered as a mix and match, because the Cross is 1908 Emission 2nd Class.if you have to follow strictly the design of the different Emissions The 3rd Class is the one listed by me earlier in post #27 with the green enamel We discussed in the Forum that a very strict line was not drown between the Emissions and thre were many cases when items from two Emissions could be assembled in a Set
  7. Hi Igor The crown before 1908 was princely one - French and Austrian Type The Order you listed is 1908 Emission and is 2nd Class only.eMedals listen on Auction similar one with .again. wrong information. They simply separated good 2nd Class Se, by the Austrian firm Shield on three parts Star, Cross and Box (2nd Class on the front of the lid ) The Star could be either 1908 Emission or earlier. as far as it was made in Austria The used the same type of Stars for both emission The French Stars for the emissions prior to 1908 were different Here are the two prior to 1908 Emission Types- Austrian and French and a nice 1908 Emission 2nd Class with box (late model box) NOTE We are discussing only Prince/King ferdinand Emissions not the earlier Prince Alexander ones (The Russian ones) Best Graf
  8. Hi Igor, Here are close vew of my medals Both came without boxes One was removed from a medals bar and the other was mounted German Style I have never checked the material they have been made. What i just noticed that the Medal with the Princely crown is thinner and lighter then the one with the King Crown That makes me think to go to my local jeweler Cheers
  9. Well. That is Life. What i noticed in the Bidding History The Winning Bidder put 4 bids and no one was did. That means that he "outbid' himself three times??! It is supposed the Item to be sold on his lowest bid (which was higher than the other Bidders bids) That is a difference of $500. No idea how the bidding system is on this site works. Otherwise the 3rd Grade Bravery Order, which looked OK, was sold on very reasonable price.-$361 plus 20% com.
  10. Hi Ilieff, Thank you for the additional info Even only the pictures are good enough for me On one of them King Boris III is wearing his special XX years Service Star It is a tragic story , however it will be more tragic if the Communists had destroyed the Baton It could have been lost for ever
  11. Hi Igor here is a similar one Best Graf
  12. Hi Igor I am not sure about the post i suppose it is because of the front of the box and the form of the crown Here is a similar box for the 3rd Class of the Order of St Alexander Graf
  13. Hi Yankee, Yes, The possibilities are open to discuss. Only that person on his close relatives could have the answer We only can try to make our best guess I only based my answer because if he was promoted as an Officer he could have had an Officer Bravery Order as well. The Russian medal could have been given to him before the other Commemorative medals that means that if he was promoted then he will have an Officer Order for the Serbian-Bulgarian War not Soldier Cross(es) Someone might have a better and/or different idea Regards
  14. Hi new World. That was mu point in my previous posts The initial price of such an Award is very low. that means even Barry knows that this Set is questionable he sells single Stars of other Orders welll above this price A very high price will scare the bidders who are not aware of the facts The same Scenario we have witnessed over and over again remember all those strange SS Cyril and Methodius Sets sold in Europe They all were sold well bellow the price of the Real Original Sets Also all those strange Sets on ebay All sold bellow what could be the price for a real originals I forgot to tell you the follow up story of the returned fake of the legion of Honour i discussed in post #31 The Seller re-listed it on his site and tripled the price After a while it vanished from his site either it was sold or he removed it (less likely) Buyer be Aware Rule apply Well Good Luck to the new owner One thing is for sure it is not me.
  15. Hi Yankee Enlisted Men. However this medal Bar shows he took part in the Russian -Turkish War 1877-1878 and after the Liberation of Bulgaria in Serbian-Bulgarian War- 1885 and lived to get a Commemorative Medal for the 25th Anniversary of the April 1876 Uprising given to the wars veterans Only the Bravery Order -Soldier Cross (1st or 3rd Class -difficult to say if is in Gold is 1st Class, however it could be very nicely tarnished an toned 3rd Class) can tell you the rank Also the way the double ribbon is mounted could be indication that he was awarded more then one Class Other Medals are Commemorative ones