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  1. Alex .

    Unknown dirk

    Hi Micke, I agree, it looks similar to Imperial Russian naval dirk, but it's not. Russian daggers don't have riveted handles or brass scabbards. In the last couple of years I’ve seen two more identical daggers with the same markings “AO”. So, looks like this could be officially issued dagger. Alex
  2. Hi gents, Can you please help me to identify this dagger? Thank you in advance
  3. Thank you. Could be modified Portuguese Order of Tower.
  4. Hi gents, Can you help me to identify this Bulgarian badge? Thanks in advance. Alex
  5. Hello gents, I came across this miniature Spanish order or medal that I'm unable to identify. I says: "Premio A La Vir Mil" (Premio A La Virtud Militar) on one side and "Secondo Exercito" on revers. Any idea what is it? Alex