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  1. The blue and red cap has a Peter I monogram on the cockade not a Peter II monogram because it's a pre-WWI model.
  2. A Ravna Gora badge, "Sloboda ili Smrt" = "Freedom or Death". On the back it´s written "Fabrika Resava". Does anybody have a knowledge about that manufacturer?
  3. Two thin pamphlets with Ravna Gora songs and some drawings of chetnik symbols
  4. Can somebody tell me the value of these norvegian medals?
  5. Do you have a story behind this custom made dagger? I have a doubt in the originality of being used as a chetnik dagger. Because this dagger couldn´t been captured from the enemy like bayonets for example. This nazi dagger was a parade item that the germans didn´t use in battle. Hope to hear an explanation because I would love to hear it.
  6. I believe that all those are fakes but very well made fakes.
  7. I think that these two Ljotic breast badges are probably both fake.
  8. For now the best about chetnik badges is the "Ознаке Југословенске војске у отаџбини - Бранко Јевтић" then you got the pretty new book by Dusan Babac "Vojne oznake u Srbiji 1845-1945" but Dusans book is more about regular Kingdom of Serbia and Kingdom of Yugoslavia badges. The chetnik badges are more irregular if you compare .
  9. The right is SDS "Srpska Drzavna Straza" Serbian State Guard the left is SGS "Srpska Granicna Straza" Serbian border guard. In the middle it´s a chetnik higher officer breastbadge.
  10. Here´s my chetnik kindjal bayonet M24 CK, one of the most rarest bayonets.
  11. Yes you are right, there have been made some replicas of serbian order boxes too lately. Also with the manufacturers name inside the box. So beware when buying boxes too.
  12. Yes you are right the main dagger fakes are from Leskovac in Serbia. One more thing about the St. George Ljotic breast badges. Yes there are popping up fakes also and hard recognizing them from the originals. The main thing is that many fakes got the same number on the back. Because they have probably made the mould from an original. Don't have the exact numbers that is fake.
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