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  1. The Polish versions would be T-34/85-M1 or M2, the later having a deep-wading capability. Regards Eddie
  2. You most likely know this site already but if not maybe it can help you further with identification. Regards Eddie www.101airborneww2.com/eaglepatchcorner.html
  3. The minatures are attached to ribbon bars so not similar to the Polish examples. So it seems it was never worn in your Major Generals case Regards Eddie
  4. 1) Brotherhood in Arms Medal - gold grade (First Class), Fegyverbarátságért Érdemérem arany fokozata, ezüst and eronz fokozata would be the 2nd and Third classes, Silver and Bronze grades respectively. Numbers 54, 58 and 62 in the Hungarian order of precedence 2) Just a miniature i think, here you can see the two pins on the back for attachment. Hope that is a little help, Regards Eddie
  5. I think it is the Commander's Cross of the Military Order of Savoy. Regards Eddie
  6. Challenger II Mk II '' Black Knight'' https://youtu.be/tK2y2dt8v38 https://youtu.be/XgniFv1b9RI
  7. Very blurred photo but i think Simon may well be correct. Regards Eddie
  8. Martin, at the bottom of the article i linked is a bit of info on reproductions. Regards Eddie
  9. http://www.quanonline.com/military/military_reference/german/badges/nuts.php Does this help at all? Regards Eddie
  10. Yes the Skorpion G is another example of a tank that exisited in Blueprint only but i would not call a fake.
  11. Gefechtsaufklärer E-10 Leopard is that sites name for it and it was actually planned. I imagine that some are made up yes, but to call Tanks that have blueprints and or parts actually built, fake is not really correct.
  12. That site defines proposed projects as fake which i would say is incorrect. VK16.02 Leopard is another example.
  13. Some variants were planned. Upgunned Krupp Maus turret with a 150 mm KwK 44 gun. E-100 Ausf. B with improved turret. StuG E-100 Krokodil with a 174 mm gun. Flakpanzer E-100 with dual 88 mm anti-aircraft guns.
  14. One Panther II hull exists as far as i know and 1 E-100 chassis was built also.
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