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  1. He has a very nice handwriting Interesting document, thanks for showing
  2. Hi Karsten, in 1916 his award docs etc... have been sold by HH, did you get them there? In the auction description a personal diary is mentioned... Maybe there are some informations included. By the way, the auction title calls him "Oberst"
  3. Interesting....it seems that the forst ribbon was a full size ribbon that has been cut in the middle to fit the ribbon bar size
  4. I am no expert in these things but they look great really great... Congrats on that and keep them in the family
  5. Mira when you find the time it would be great to show us these items from the China time you have in the family
  6. Mira that info from his Bremen address is from the adressbook of the Marine Offiziers Verein in which he was a member. That was my thinking too... He got the bear with swords for complete being in China... I think there were not too many men from Anhalt - if it was for a special combat action I would expect a KO4X too...not only the award from his home state
  7. Think so...must have been between the second half of 1890 and the first half of 1891....in the 1890 ranklist there is no one with this order and in the 1891 ranklist there are 3 officers of the regiment with Persia sun and lion
  8. a bit off topic...but just for illustration - another little Waldeck-Persia-combo... Regimentsadjudant Premier-Lieutenant von Lengerke IR83
  9. HeikoGrusdat

    Interesting combination... :-)

    Nice pic - nice price
  10. After the war he was in Bremen as Teilhaber (co-owner) of the Zigarrenfabrik Gerbrüder Bornemann He lived in Delbrückstr.10 in Bremen
  11. Mira, yes this is what he did during the ww1... But it is not an U it is an A... It means Reichs-Marine-Amt
  12. Hello Mira, back as promised.... That`s what we are doing....collecting and researching , digging out the details from the dust of history. The informations of the orders and awards given to your great-grandpa are from so called Ranglisten , in these lists all the officers of the army and the navy were listed , with their ranks and positions and with the awards they got - the only small problem is that Prussian Ranglisten only showed the real orders , not awards or simple medals for some wars for example. Then we have another source to use , it is the DOA (Deutscher Ordens Almanach) , the one from 1908 I attached...in this book are all awards listed (with some luck) a man got....so we can try to complete the story this way. Now a closer look.... in 1908 he had the PrZm - Preussen Zentenarmedaille or Centenarmedaille to remember the 100.birthday of Kaiser Wilhelm I. in 1897 , nothing special , given to all man who were in active service in 1897 and to the Vets of the former wars + some other groups of men. Then he had the DChM - Chinadenkmünze , that sows that he has been to China with the Kreuzergeschwader in 1901 during the Boxer uprising PrKr4 - Preussen Kronenorden 4.Klasse , nearly the lowest ranking order a officer got during his career AnhA3bX - thats a bit more interesting , Anhalt Orden Albrecht des Bären Ritterkreuz 2.Klasse mit Schwertern , I think he got this because he was a Anhalt native and the swords indicate that it was given as a combat award for some action in China , but I have to check this... The next list I attached for you is from 1914 , interesting because it is before the great war. Here you dont see the medals , only the orders... now he got a Long service cross for officers for 25 years of service ( possible at that time because war years and oversee years count double) Next is the Preussen Roter Adler Orden 4.Klasse mit der Krone - typical award for navy officers after some years of service and the a foreign order , SS3a is the Schwert Orden of Sweden , Ritterkreuz Now jump to the end of the war....in 1918 you don`t see the Schwert Orden from sweden anymore because only german and awards of their allied nations were listed during the war... He got the AF - Anhalt Friedrichskreuz , again because Anhalt was his home state.... HH is the Hanseatenkreuz from Hamburg EK1 - Eisernes Kreuz 1.Klasse , that means that he have got the 2.Klasse too - these last 3 were typical ww1 awards as I said earlier , I am shure that he has got some more orders and awards during that last war year because the Rangliste 1918 is from 14.2.1918 - so 9 more months left to get some bling bling as commander of the Transportflotte to Finland he sould have got something more. That`s it for now....I gave you the german names of his orders so you can make googlesearches to see what they look like. all the best , if you have any questions we are here Heiko
  13. That picture is taken in the Kaiser Wilhelm Kanal in Germany, today known as Nord-Ostsee-Kanal
  14. Will post you a complete explanation tonight when I am back home
  15. Hi Mira, don`t know if you know all the orders and awards your great-grandpa got during his career....so here are some of them , the late war awards from the Finland time are not listed here so maybe he have got some more.... hope this helps a bit... all the best Heiko this is from 1908 this is from 1914 and this from 1918
  16. I know award docs from 1898...shurely it takes some time to bring such a large number of medals to the people
  17. Yes it is... Just to be safe you should check other possible men with that combination
  18. Claudio...congrats for this nice medal bar , I really love these Persian orders on bars BUT I have two points for you.... 1. his name was Stamford with m not n and 2. ....where the heck is his 1866 cross??????? all the best Heiko
  19. would be a bit too much for me...but if you like it why not , it looks interesting and in good condition.
  20. Has anybody medal bars with this combination in the collection to show....or photos of this combination in wear?