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  1. no problem here in germany you can always be happy when you understand what people from other parts of the country are talking
  2. this is not real german but the slang from Baden....sometimes it is better that not everything can be translated I translate you what he said exactly : "There we have three Baden sheep and the others are Baden hanging potatoes" So in free words....the stones in front of the castle ruin are sheep and the plants on the ruin are hanging potatoes....strange people these Badeners
  3. why...? Oldenburg from this time is cool too and it is not often seen too....just find the right medal and you have a nice bar
  4. Would guess Italy too...if this is a 15y LS then he should have got the 25y soon after the pic with being in service 1897 and counting double for china and some other colonial activity
  5. Found some Behrens checking several lists but none of them with MEZ2
  6. Not at home at the moment to check the lists...but photo is after 1912
  7. not simple - very cool you don`t see so many clasps to the Flandern cross on a medal bar very often - great find!!!
  8. right.....you have better things for less money
  9. OMFG another perfect example for paying the name but not the medals....wooow
  10. What price made the medal bar Claudio ?
  11. There is always a place for the ringlords here...now we finally know where the real centre of Mittelerde is great Chris great !!!
  12. Right....here the direction is completely strange...normally you would see in that case the MEZ in first position - never say never
  13. I would not like to have this bar.....because of a lot of reasons Laurentius.... FA-medals were not for 5 or 10 years.... silver and bronze , but that was not a long service award but a war merit award....grades depend on the rank of the soldier / nco
  14. Roman the 1864 medal is not for Königgrätz....and the 1866 medal is a cross , here it is the version of the main armee
  15. Hello, can anybody help me with this photo....what unit or troop is this officer from , maybe Kürassier or Jäger zu Pferde? picture is made 1890 in Berlin , think this officer has been sent there to some school or position , so the place will not help...shoulderboards are too blurry , nothing to see there clearly.... thanks for all help Heiko
  16. ok... riddle solved.... Kürassier Reg. 6
  17. I really can`t see it very good....but as he clearly is a Badener it could be of course a Greif , the crest animal of Baden , that would look similar to a dragon....but I have never seen this cross before.
  18. Great group and a great addition to this thread