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  1. The basic format for LG ISM. Entries is surname, christian name(s). E.g. Smith, Donald James i normally find that if an attempt on the full names fails reduce one; if they are relatively unusual christian names just use those. restrict the period of search to the obverse of the medal e.g gv star 1910-1921' gv rpound 1921-1937 etc.
  2. His London Gazette entry is here 29 july 1919 https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/31478/page/9568
  3. The Gv Star shaped medal was awarded till 1920;after that it became circular so the period to check runs from around 1909 to 1921 - a relatively short time. The award in 1917 would normally indicate a birth year of around 1857 - normal retirement being at 60 and the medal was awarded then.
  4. The only award of an ISM to that name for the relevant period of issue is Charles Stafford, Postman. Link to the LG entry https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/30012/page/3403
  5. HI Gordon, Restricted the search to "Murray" which worked as there was a relatively small date span. I think that the reason "Thomas Murray" did not show was that there appears to be a mark over the "s" of Thomas which might have confused the search engine!! Ralph
  6. Very Nice award - see link below https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/39979/supplement/5307
  7. Armt = Armament - should be prefixed by a T before the number indicating service in the Armament Artificers section of the AOC - they normally dealt with the repair of Heavy Guns.
  8. Is there any possibility of obtaining any service history for a German Officer (Hauptmann) who served in WW2. Do the German Authorities have a scheme similar to the U.K. Freedom of Information Act? Is there anything equivalent to the U.K. Army Lists for the German Heer ? Any info gratefully received.
  9. Thanks for the replies - I am afraid apart from a name, possible date of discharge and date of death I have nothing else. He served as a civilian with the British Army (starting in 1945) and was awarded a Honorary B.E.M. in 1979 - just wondering what his German Service/awards might have been - and was hoping for a link to a Seniority/Gradation book similar to that found for the British Army to try and narrow himn down - but having looked at the various sites, none of which appear to have an name index I think I would have a snowball's chance in hell of finding anything.....
  10. Hi Ricardo, Unfortunately the option of a "Freedom of Information" request does not appear possibile as you need a death certificate proving death 25 years or more ago.... I can offer following: Appears to have joined as a boy in 1924 at Hilsea (RAOC Depot). Started" Mans" service 23,3,1929 Passed exam for promotion to L/Corporal 2/9/1935 Appointed L/Cpl withiut pay 30/7/1936 L/Cpl with pay 1/4/1938 Temp. Sgt 1/4/39 (Appointed Permanent L/Sgt 14/6.1939) Temp Staff Sgt Oct 1940 Promoted Staff Sgt 26.12.40 Was employed in the Stores Section of the RAOC as a Clerk I. Held first Class Certificate of Education
  11. According to my records of RAOC LSGC awards Gates was awarded the LS Medal in 1943
  12. Perhaps a bit late but the award to Alfred Edward Eddolls linked below http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/34844/pages/2710 The award to George Frederick Wallis linked below http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/36506/supplements/2133
  13. Thomas Norman Wakefield was awarded the LS Medal 16 November 1961
  14. Unfortunately British awards to foreign recipients were NOT published in the London Gazette. It could be that the U.K.Central Chancery of Orders may hold details such as presentation date /dispatch date if sent. Ralph
  15. Soldiers Docs (WO97 series) covering service upto 1913 are available on Findmypast,com so a check their might be worthwhile. Unfortunately you may need to buy some "credits" or perhaps they have a free introductory period - worth a look.
  16. 360 is his number, RMLI = Royal Marine Light Infantry His service record appears to be available from the The National Archives http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline/details-result.asp?Edoc_Id=8077116&queryType=1&resultcount=1
  17. The award of the Imperial Service Order to Alfred Charles Waters listed in the LOndon Gazette 25.06. 1909 - see link below http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/28263/supplements/4858
  18. Unfortunately the files pertaining to the NY Honours awards for 1946 (9.1.46) do not appear to be extant in the WO373 series (British Army Awards) or the AIR2 series (RAF Files relating to the BEM/GM/GC awards committee containing the discussion papers on those awards to all 3 services). The 1946 file (AIR2/9289) just states "owing to the shortage of time and the large number of recommendations the Committee have adopted the unusual procedure of agreeing the ommissions from the New Years List with the departments concerned, rather than circulating the citations for general criticism." It is mentioned that proposed were Admiralty 275 of which 260 were approved War Office 750 of which 693 were approved Air MInistry 545 of which 530 were approved. I have yet to find any Army recommendations for the BEM for NY (or Birthday) Honours awarded in 1946
  19. Traced Medal indicates the award of the LSGC - it required 15 years service and war service for regulars did not count for double time. The 1953 Coronation Medal was only awarded to selected individuals (unlike the Golden Jubilee Medal which was awarded to ALL uniformed subjects who had served 5 years and were serving on the relevant date) so only a relatively few Service men received the 1953 award.
  20. There is a recommendation for his AFC at The National Archives, Kew under reference AIR2/9616 Hi AE was awarded 11.01.45 announcd in Air Ministry Order 14 /1945
  21. His London Gazette entry linked below http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/29508/supplements/2894
  22. Would think this is his service record - downloadable from The National Archives http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline/details-result.asp?Edoc_Id=7317647&queryType=1&resultcount=68
  23. For the period in question the Rank of A/Conductor S+TC would indicate service in the Indian Army rather than the British so the MiC may not be at The National Archives.
  24. He would have required a total 36 years service to qualify for a Bar to the LSGC so that would take us to 1950-1954. I have a feeling that he may have been commissioned - the wearing of miniatures by ORs during the 1940/1950s was not as prevalent then as it is now. If so then he would have to have served at least 30 of the 36 years in the ranks Would be a very nice full size group to have.
  25. NO - it could be that the relevant medal was not available, the tailor just took a LSGC - The Miniatures were always purchased privately and never issued officially. I do not think the group is "made up" to impress but reflects the entitlement and was worn as such.