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  1. This piece was sold couple of weeks ago on ebay. I have never seen a medal like that before, back side looks just like the front side of the Silver Medal and the front side is also very different from the ones we usually see. Rare variant, prototype or something else? http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_03_2014/post-7937-0-44578600-1394656552.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_03_2014/post-7937-0-95364700-1394656562.jpg
  2. Don't mention it, Eric. It took me a few years to collect all those variants, I'm in the process of doing the same for the 2nd class. I just need to find a couple more and then I'll start a separate topic about it. I'm pretty sure your order is made out of silver even though it's not hallmarked. When I described that type on the previous page I even wrote: "Some examples were not hallmarked." I don't know why is that the case, perhaps the simply forgot
  3. Order of Merits for the People III was instituted on June 12, 1945 and its name was changed three times: -1945-1961 Order of Merit for the People 3rd Class (Орден заслуге за народ III реда) -1961-1973 Order of Merit for the People with Silver Star (Орден заслуге за народ са сребрном звездом) -1973-1992 Order of Merits for the People with Silver Star (Орден заслуга за народ са сребрном звездом) In the beginning it was being awarded "for merits in the struggle against enemies of the people and for strengthening and organizing people's government and the Yugoslav Army." -Law of 1955 added new criteria: "...and for merits in the fields of economic, cultural and social development of the country." -Law of 1973 replaced the words: "for strengthening and organizing people's government and the Yugoslav Army" with the following: "for merits in development of socialism and socialist self-management and for organizing and strengthening total people's defense, security and independence of the country." So this order was practically being awarded for merits in all fields. According to Stojan Rudež since July 1945 when it was awarded for the first time until December 31 1985 it was awarded 282.864 times making it by far the most awarded Yugoslav order. Next one is Order of Labor with Silver Wreath awarded 182.910 until 1986, so 100.000 times less. The number from Mr. Rudež's book can't be taken as total because Order of Merits for the People with Silver Star was also being awarded in huge quantities after 1985. There are basically two types: -Type 1 (1945-1973) golden star and silver combatant -Type 2 (1973-1992) silver star and golden combatant I presume this change was made because of the previous name change (1961) when III became "with silver star". So order named "with silver star" which in reality had golden star existed over a decade. No matter how you put it the name is problematic: -Order of the Merits for the People with Golden Star (I) golden star and base, silver combatant and rays -Order of Merits for the People with Silver Rays (II) golden combatant and base, silver star and rays -Order of Merits for the People with Silver Star (III) Type 1 (1945): golden star, silver combatant, rays and base -Order of Merits for the People with Silver Star (III) Type 2 (1973): golden combatant, silver star, rays and base So from 1973 onward both II and III had silver stars while before that I and III had golden stars. Order of Merits for the People with Silver Rays received even more inadequate name because all three classes including both types of III have silver rays.
  4. nickstrenk, you have a beautiful collection of Serbian bravery medals, thanks for excellent photos! Daffy Duck, that's a nice idea, putting all of them on one place would great. Unfortunately I can't contribute that much as I only have a few of them in my collection.
  5. Voycey 72, thank you very much for sharing that story and photos with us! The main reason why I started this topic was to provide some information to the people researching their ancestors, that's why I was very pleased to read your post. It looks like the Karađorđe star you presented was made by Arthus-Bertrand. I think Igor's right about the year, looks like 1916 to me as well. As you can see from the numbers above it was not that often awarded, less than 300 of them (all classes) were given to the British recipients. It was the highest bravery order a soldier could receive and for that reason the most appreciated one.
  6. I found this list in book "Knights of the Star of KaraÄ‘orÄ‘e with Swords" by Tomislav Vlahović (Витезови Карађорђеве звезде Ñа мачевима - ТомиÑлав Влаховић). Considering that this is British forum perhaps someone will find his/hers ancestor in the list. I will write down all of the names in alphabetical order, please don't reply until I finish. SS stands for Silver and GS for Golden Soldiers' Star. PS please don't mind if I misspell a name, I am writing them as found in the book.
  7. What do you think about this badge? It belongs to a fellow collector from Slovenia. All comments are more than welcome.
  8. In order to avoid opening new topic every time I spot some fake I will post them all here. Here's the latest one from ebay - Order of Merits for the People 1st class. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Yugoslavia-Order-of-the-National-Merit-with-Golden-Star-I-class-0323-/201199007621?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2ed8653785 http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_10_2014/post-7937-0-06971400-1414248637.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_10_2014/post-7937-0-15809900-1414248677.jpg
  9. A fellow collector asked me to open this topic, what do you think? Original piece or not? All comments are more than welcome.
  10. I've heard those rumors as well, sadly they seem to be true. In the beginning I wasn't really suspicious because, as you said, most of them look pretty good. The huge number of various cockades including some extremely rare ones being offered by the same small circle of sellers made me think something's wrong. I'll ask the owner and let you know.
  11. Yugo logo on the dial would be a nice detail. Do you happen to know did any other national air force use that model? Thanks for the photo.
  12. The watch belonged to Yugoslav Air Force Pilot, unfortunately it doesn't work. It seems that Breitling delivered watches with some kind of defect as most of them I've seen so far, and I've seen at least a dozen, don't work. I found information that some of them stopped working after first battery replacement. Anyway they were produced between 1980 and 1985 and have ESA Y2 900.231 movement, model is also known as Pluton. You can see pilots' wings and RV i PVO (Air Force and Anti-Air Defence) inscription on the case back.
  13. Seeing examples like that really sickens me, someone practically destroyed a perfectly good decoration. What a pity! Igor, amazing catch, that silver medal is really perfect Thanks for excellent photos!
  14. Looks like they are scarce, the only one I remember seeing was for the 1st class order awarded in the sixties.
  15. Apologies for not replying sooner. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find Franasović's photo with longer medal bar, if I stumble upon it I will let you know. Good luck finding Takovo IV with swords, that medal bar is really amazing!
  16. I just noticed a terrible fake on ebay. There is of course no mention of this in the description, it is offered as Serbian Military Academy Badge 1860(!?)-1880 Rare. Even though photos are pretty bad I think it's obvious that the badge is not original. http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_09_2014/post-7937-0-43056100-1409684358.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_09_2014/post-7937-0-04548000-1409684365.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_09_2014/post-7937-0-72855000-1409684370.jpg
  17. Some of us noticed a large amount of "shinny" IKOM orders flooding the market, I think it's about time to start a separate topic about this matter. The list includes the following decorations: -Partisan Star 3rd Class -Partisan Star 2nd Class -Order of Brotherhood and Unity 2nd Class -Order of Brotherhood and Unity 1st Class -Order of Merits for the People 3rd Class -Order of Merits for the People 2nd Class -Order of Labor 2nd Class I would also add one higher decoration to this list - Order of National Liberation! All these orders have a few things in common. They are early IKOM "screw" decorations which look brand spanking new, at least to me, even though they should be from the forties and/or the fifties. I'll post a few examples of every decoration from the list, since the Partisan Star 3rd class is the first I'll go from there. I don't know if these were being awarded at all, I have never seen IKOM made Partisan Star with an awarding certificate of any kind, let alone with a matching number. They are hallmarked (IKOM and rooster) and numbered (20K-29K). Couple of orders I already posted in the Yugoslavian Partisan Stars topic, notice the rifles on these two.
  18. It's definitely a copy even though the seller wrote: "Sale item from the pictures, I guarantee that it is genuine." Officers who completed the Higher School of Military Academy (Виша школа Војне академије) received the badge and diploma. According to the Law on Military Academy (Закон о устројству Војне Академије) they had to pay some tax, but I doubt its amount had anything to do with the production material so I'm not buying the "poor students" story.
  19. The rest of the photos for future reference.
  20. One more got sold couple of weeks ago for 444$! LINK
  21. On the contrary, thank you for posting it. Frankly speaking I forgot about this topic, this came as a reminder to continue the research.
  22. I'll slowly post information and photos I dig up online starting from 1913 backwards. We already covered some years in the separate topics and Trooper_D was kind enough to share scans of some of the postcards from his collection. Since I plan to make this a general topic on Grand Maneuvers I'll post all that here as well. Information about the representatives is from various sources, mainly newspapers found on Gallica, Le Gaulois, Le Petit Parisien, Le Figaro etc. while most of the photos are from delcampe, I'll post links to original sources, hope no one will mind.
  23. I think the edges of the red star were smaller on the earliest orders. I'm not completely sure but it seems like most of those are usually coming inside boxes with inscription "Orden za vojničke zasluge".