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  1. I believe #3 is the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George, looks like with brilliants, above #1 is its star.
  2. Some of us noticed a large amount of "shinny" IKOM orders flooding the market, I think it's about time to start a separate topic about this matter. The list includes the following decorations: -Partisan Star 3rd Class -Partisan Star 2nd Class -Order of Brotherhood and Unity 2nd Class -Order of Brotherhood and Unity 1st Class -Order of Merits for the People 3rd Class -Order of Merits for the People 2nd Class -Order of Labor 2nd Class I would also add one higher decoration to this list - Order of National Liberation! All these orders have a few things in common. They are early IKOM "screw" decorations which look brand spanking new, at least to me, even though they should be from the forties and/or the fifties. I'll post a few examples of every decoration from the list, since the Partisan Star 3rd class is the first I'll go from there. I don't know if these were being awarded at all, I have never seen IKOM made Partisan Star with an awarding certificate of any kind, let alone with a matching number. They are hallmarked (IKOM and rooster) and numbered (20K-29K). Couple of orders I already posted in the Yugoslavian Partisan Stars topic, notice the rifles on these two.
  3. Dave Danner was so kind to post photos of an order just like that HERE with the following explanation: One of the rarest Portuguese decorations, the United Badge of Order of Christ and the Order of St. Benedict of Aviz, awarded to those who had already received the Order of Christ and the Order of St. Benedict of Aviz. Apart from that Combined Order of Christ, Aviz and St. James of the Sword also exists.
  4. The watch belonged to Yugoslav Air Force Pilot, unfortunately it doesn't work. It seems that Breitling delivered watches with some kind of defect as most of them I've seen so far, and I've seen at least a dozen, don't work. I found information that some of them stopped working after first battery replacement. Anyway they were produced between 1980 and 1985 and have ESA Y2 900.231 movement, model is also known as Pluton. You can see pilots' wings and RV i PVO (Air Force and Anti-Air Defence) inscription on the case back.
  5. Excellent! Thanks for the photos and congrats on finding it in such a great condition
  6. Don't mention it, Alex. Best regards
  7. Apologies for not replying sooner, I believe he's really wearing enameled - golden award. Here's a photo of one such example found here.
  8. I was thinking the same thing, perhaps a certain number left the factory with that type of screw nuts. Apart from those three I've seen one more, #235X, unfortunately I can't remember where. If you find yourself in Belgrade we should go testing Serbian beers The names of the recipients gave them away 3rd class #2480 was awarded to Akhmetov Galim (Ахметов Галим), guards lieutenant. 2nd class #1543 was awarded to Ilchenko Petar Danilovich (Илченко Петар Данилович - Serbian; Ильченко Петр Данилович - Russian?), guards major.
  9. Order of Merits for the People 3rd Class Numbers over 100K, hallmarked (IKOM and rooster) narrower screw nuts. Photos found in two ads I stumbled upon recently.
  10. What an amazing collection of Yugoslav Partisan Stars, we don't see many documented orders, thanks for the photos! It's interesting to see that two out of those three stars were awarded to Soviet recipients. Does that replacement screw plate look like the one for the Soviet 1st class? I ask because we already saw two stars like that in this topic, both awarded to Soviets, numbers 2376 and 2394 - pretty close to 2480. #2376 LINK #2394 LINK
  11. Excellent! And much sooner than three weeks So the purity of the silver (body) is even higher than .900, it's closer to .950 and the screw plate is made out of silvered brass. Many thanks for testing the order from your collection and posting the results!
  12. Total number of awarded decorations is estimated to around 2.000.000. Number of decorations awarded during the war is not that significant, we're speaking about tens of thousands. First decorations were issued in September 1944, and during the entire 1945 55.000 of them were awarded, bigger part probably after May. So only around a percent or two of the total number of decorations were awarded during the war. I can understand if most of the boxes for the "field" decorations were discarded but I don't see why would someone throw away the box of the decoration issued during piece time. Soldiers and officers probably wore their decorations every day during the war and some time after it but I don't think that was the case later. Regulations from 1946 state that members of the military personnel were obliged to wear decorations only during the state holidays and military ceremonies. I think it's quite the opposite, decorations with boxes were most probably awarded. Those allegedly unawarded shinny pieces are being sold without boxes. Sellers sometimes combine orders with boxes at their disposal, apart from that I've seen packages filled with boxes, someone "found a stash" of those as well. Some of the ones I've seen in the past include: Labor Order 3rd class (blue) Labor Order 2nd class (gray) Merits for the People 2nd and 3rd class (red) Order of the Republic 2nd and 3rd class (red) Military Merits Medal (blue) Merits for the People Medal (red) Labor Medal (gray)
  13. Thank you as well for posting links to ads from njuškalo.hr, the seller labels those two orders as type 1 (#7718) and type 2 (#7697). If I'm not mistaken apart from different numbering "font", type two has no hallmarks nor Roman numeral. The one from Facebook with bad screw nuts looks the same. By the way asking price for those two from njuškalo is 600 HRK or around 80 EUR.
  14. I won't claim it's fake but how many unnumbered screw orders have we seen in the past? I remember only one which seemed a bit suspicious to me, especially the central medallion, its torches were "grainy". 3.000 RSD is around 25 EUR and 1.500 is obviously half of that amount. 12.000 is a bit expensive, you can get them around 25-30% cheaper What's up with its screw nut??
  15. One more unusual shinny order from emedals, unlike the previous examples this one's not numbered. "A Yugoslavian Order of Brotherhood and Unity; 1st Class - With Golden Wreath (1st Class), in silver, silver gilt and enamels, 47mm, in .800 silver, weighs 41.4 grams, maker marked on reverse, silver hallmarked, un issued, in mint condition (in paper pocket of issue)." LINK
  16. Order of Brotherhood and Unity 1st Class I've seen around 30-40 pieces with 17XX-18XX number, hallmarked (IKOM and rooster), wider screw nuts. Since they started appearing price has dropped and now you can get them for as low as 60 euros online. A few 17XX examples
  17. Thanks for posting those, Ilinden is an obvious fake and a pretty ugly one. The sad thing is that the original decoration is not much more expensive, I think its market value is about 150 euros. I'm not 100% sure about the remaining two but they do look suspicious. I think India and Burma medals shouldn't be "polished" but "matte". There was some talk about fakes in the past when they started appearing more often on the market. People's front order might be OK, but there were too many 2XXX on the market, at least in my opinion, that especially goes for 27XX, 28XX and 29XX. Since I started saving photos of this decoration I've seen about the same amount of decorations with number in 0001-2000 range as decorations in 27XX-29XX range, that doesn't sound right, right?
  18. In order to avoid opening new topic every time I spot some fake I will post them all here. Here's the latest one from ebay - Order of Merits for the People 1st class. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Yugoslavia-Order-of-the-National-Merit-with-Golden-Star-I-class-0323-/201199007621?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2ed8653785 http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_10_2014/post-7937-0-06971400-1414248637.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_10_2014/post-7937-0-15809900-1414248677.jpg
  19. Yes, I'll post a list to make things easier, it's based on what I've seen so far. Partisan Star III - both styles Partisan Star II - wider Brotherhood&Unity II - both styles (wider more often) Brotherhood&Unity I - wider Merits for the People III - narrower Merits for the People II - narrower Order of Labor II - narrower National Liberation - narrower This of course doesn't mean anything because they are easily interchangeable.
  20. A very nice find indeed, congrats on your newest acquisition Maybe the third hallmark is badly imprinted silver fineness hallmark for small pieces - dog head and number 3 (.800) Illustration found here.
  21. I've seen that photo floating around internet, Tim B posted it HERE. Some of his comments that followed: -"These are actually listed on ebay currently. The guy is trying to sell each one for US $120. or best offer. On another listing, he is selling the entire group. I think $120. is too expensive as you can get these off major dealer sites for less and the soviet made ones (which are better quality) as cheap as $40. if you look around. Yes, the PIC is nice and I really would like one of these, but not for $120." -"Well supposedly, I see where the seller claims to have sold one for $89. (I don't believe it though) and now lists only the group sale options (5 for $499. or 50 for $3,499.!!!) Guess he wants $100./ea uh?! Still claims they are real silver content." This was back in 2009, 100$ was too expensive even then and nowadays you can get them from 10-15$...
  22. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I agree with you, looks too shinny, perhaps cleaned - I know, I know, that can't be the answer every time I've seen some unnumbered five torches orders with double horizontal needle looking that shinny, perhaps some amount of those later variants were coated with lacquer, I'm just guessing. Same goes for the orders with six torches. If Hajduk's decoration is with screw then it's probably cleaned, at least that's my opinion. When you look at the document you can see that there's a six torches coat of arms in the upper part but the illustration of the order in the middle is with five torches. That just proves they weren't looking after the details that much.
  23. A few examples, first 30K and 40K.