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  1. Les officiers etrangers I'll write down names later.
  2. Interesting combination, I think the last medal is something related to the "Association for Preserving the Traditions of the Serbian Liberation Wars Until 1918" (Društvo za negovanje tradicija oslobodilačkih ratova Srbije do 1918).
  3. Excellent, a great portrait. A bit larger size.
  4. Don't mention it Here's a photo of one more soviet People's Hero, Vladimir Sudets. He's wearing Partisan Star 1st class.
  5. Nice photos! I think the second photo is from pre-1982 period so that officer holds the rank of lieutenant colonel.
  6. Afanasy Beloborodov wearing Order of the War Banner.
  7. Marshal Biryuzov, People's Hero, wearing Partisan Star and Brotherhood & Unity, both first class.
  8. I didn't see your post with photo from museum before my previous reply, it was meant for Dragomir. Anyway thanks for the effort. Here's a photo from sammler's base taken from a different angle.
  9. Yugoslav Plaques

    Information about this one was published in Dinar magazine. Author: Dragiša Marsenić Dimensions: 105x78mm Material: gilded brass Producer: Aurometal There was an example made out of gold given to Tito.
  10. I was discussing YPA plaques with BalkanCollector and he suggested that we open a separate topic about them. Generally speaking I don't collect them myself, but it's an interesting subject so I'll post a few I have around my apartment hoping that other forum members will do the same. SUBNOR plaque (Savez udruženja boraca narodnooslobodilačkog rata - Federation of Veterans' Associations of the People's Liberation War)
  11. I was thinking about this order, Legion of Merit is next to the People's Hero.
  12. I'm not sure about the far left decorations, looks like the French Legion of Honor might be at the bottom. Next to the People's Hero is Bulgarian Bravery Order, and next to the Legion of Merit is French War Cross 1939-1945 with palm branch.
  13. Marshal Tolbukhin wearing People's Hero Order.
  14. Yugoslav Plaques

    Very interesting, thanks for photos. This is the first time I see something like that, doesn't look official to me, but even better, it's more unique. If I remember well VTA was located in Zagreb, was your grandfather on duty in Sarajevo at the time he received the plaque? I ask because I can't see the connection between his graduation anniversary and Sarajevo Olympics
  15. Yugoslav Plaques

    Thanks for detailed photos! I'll see if I can dig up something about the author.
  16. Thanks for information regarding the book and the badge. So they were used for only about two years, looking at those examples I'd say they were casted. Model from 1953 (1947) is also very similar to the royal one, it had new coat of arms and red star instead of crown.
  17. Excellent, many thanks! I'll see if I can dig up names of the representatives from the French press.
  18. Yugoslav Plaques

    Don't mention it, as I said before, I don't have many of them and my knowledge is pretty limited when it comes to this subject. Looking forward to your post, I hope others will contribute as well. In the mean time here's one civilian awarded to a family member. 40th Anniversary of the Zorka Šabac 1938-1978
  19. Thanks for the scan! I presume it's from the "Partizanska vojska i Jugoslavenska armija 1941-1953", I definitely have to get a copy. What do the authors say about them, when were they introduced? I think I read somewhere in Rudež's book about Gagarin receiving Yugo Flag. Crew members of the Apollo 11 were awarded with the Yugoslav Stars.
  20. Cosmonaut Gherman Titov wearing Yugoslav Flag 1st Class, his wiki page states he also received Yugoslav Star but I don't think that's correct. If I remember well Gagarin also received Yugo Flag.
  21. Yugoslav Plaques

    Considering the date, 20 October, I presume this one is related to the Liberation of Belgrade and awarded by Stari grad municipal assembly. Signed MŽ, made by ZIN mint.
  22. Speaking of the Soviets, here's a great photo of marshal Zhukov wearing Order of Freedom!
  23. Perhaps they are wearing this badge.