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  1. Considering that there are at least three other mongolian awards ahead of the ribbon in question and three more after it, one of which was modified to more or less work, I'm pretty sure this one is meant to be for a Polar star. The colours are perfect except for the little red edges. Yes, it is also too wide but it makes sense in my book. Mind you I have been wrong before....frequently if you ask my wife. jan
  2. 3 years later and still not sold..... go figure. jan
  3. fjcp

    South West African / Namibia Medals

    The general with the Soviet graduation badge should make for a nice story.
  4. Congrats! Glad that went to a good home! anybody see the 2nd or 3rd award yet? Jan
  5. fjcp


    Hi there, It's been a while but here is a little something I've been looking for for a long time. Surprisingly good quality and most of all the size was a surprise. 4.5cm x 3.5cm. Red star just to compare. The pin is long gone but I'm thrilled with it all the same. Jan
  6. fjcp

    Beijing Panjiayuan Antique Market orderandMedal

    I’d trade my Yugoslav flag orders for some of those Mongolian goodies!! wonderful stuff they have there! jan
  7. fjcp

    Mongolian ODM

    Time Left: 4 days and 4 hours

    • WANTED

    Looking for anything Mongolian. Medals, Badges,orders, documents, caps, belts, flags and anything else. Main focus would be the rarer badges especially partisan and herder badges. Also still looking for pre-45 orders. thanks jan


    , Ontario - CA

  8. First let me say, thank you! to those of you who still contribute to the Mongolian forum, I realize it's been a bit quiet around here, but new topics are hard to find and this one may rank rather high on the "Sillymeter", but I found it interesting all the same! I just got in a low serial# Polar star (type 3 #583) and something caught my eye. On the inside of the screwplate there was a clearly discernable raised 'crossed sword' mark. It is on the area where the screw passes through the plate and the mark is therefore partially "damaged". I naturally checked my other orders and found that another polar star type3 serial#1035 had this same marking on its screwplate. I'm curious, is this a known mark with the soviet guys? Is this just a trivial little detail or does it possible suggest an origin for the plates, if not for the orders them selves? Anyway like I said earlier this might rank high on the "sillymeter" but any info and/or theories are more than welcome! JC
  9. fjcp


    Well isn’t that pretty!! Think they’d miss one or two?
  10. fjcp

    Identification of Ethiopian Medal

    That’s one I’ve never seen before. Interesting.
  11. fjcp

    3 Mongolian Orders

    Is that PS for sale or did you buy it? either way it’s a pretty example J
  12. I've used plain white vinegar on many a rusty classic car part with great success. Just drop it in a bowl and watch the bubbles . Leave it in till you're happy.
  13. You're welcome. Here's the original thread on these badges. enjoy jan Trade union badges
  14. It's a " 50 years of the trade union" badge/medal according to our dear friend Dr. Battushig. In his wonderful book on page 157, badge X 21. I wonder how the good doctor is.. It's been years since we've spoken. jan
  15. Topic was more In a deep sleep than dead!! Thanks for for posting this and congrats on having one.. These are still a rare thing to find, believe me I've been looking. Jan
  16. fjcp


    I've been watching this one too... Brown gold is extra special!!! I haven't looked too closely but I'm almost tempted to say that the silver part with blue enamel might be real and that the "gold" part has been replaced. Over the past 10 years I've seen 3 or 4 silver SB parts for sale so who knows this might be one of those butchered ones... Jan see post 101 in the SB thread.. Pin back 813 shown butchered.
  17. fjcp


    Welcome to the forum... Absolutely fascinating items they have in that museum... You also have some nice cased orders there.... Give me another 6 weeks to translate that... It's been years since I last tried jan Would love some closeups of those documents!!
  18. A dealer has a set of 1941 general shoulder boards for 450 euros if that helps..
  19. More pictures please jan
  20. fjcp

    Deputy Badges

    Awesome Bob. So glad you're still discovering new things! I liked the youth quota idea, and that she was only around 23 when "elected". I had a look through my stash and I have # 74 so that one should be researchable. Also have 82... So close Do I contact the same gentleman who does the herder research? Actually still have two herder badges waiting to hear back about. Fun stuff!! Jan
  21. fjcp

    Mongolian Partisan Badge

    Great badge with character! The partisan himself sure looks a but weathered. Be interested to hear his story. On a related matter. There is a great looking partisan badge for sale on eBay right now. $400 opening bid. Sadly I don't trust the seller for 1 cent. That shooter badge sold for $750 and two days later it's back up.
  22. fjcp

    herder badges ...

    Very nice Bob. I have a few awaiting research that haven't come in yet. #476 Ive posted before, just waiting on the complete research for 478 and 588 I think. Not sure I even posted all the researched ones I already have... Time to double check. Nice to see I'm not the only one left still enjoying these badges..
  23. fjcp

    Hoping for information Golden grain

    Welcome to the forum Ruth, where ladies are equally welcome! Im afraid I can't help you with your two questions, but if you could post a picture of the medal that you do have that would be great. thanks Jan
  24. fjcp

    1887 Yellow ribbon merit medal

    So did somebody just get a bargain or what? $929 on eBay Damn I hate doing this on my phone.. Will post links etc. When I can. Item# 111237749960