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In January 1936, the SS Porzellan-manufaktur Allach was created in Munich under the control of Heinrich Himmler.
Well known artists such as Professor T. Karner, Professor W. Zögel, Obermeier, Förster, and others were contracted to work at the factory.
Due to a rapid expansion of the enterprise, the factory was not able to meet production, so in October 1937 a part of production was moved to the SS-operated Dachau concentration camp. Starting from 1941, and after the move of the entire factory to Dachau, the company employed German civilians and a large number of prisoners in the production of art and porcelain. At one point there over 200 items listed in their catalogue, ranging from small candlestick holders to the larger pieces, including entire dinner services, mounted horsemen (31cm high) rostrum eagles (80cm high), etc. The animal porcelain, such as the eagle, horse and dogs were the most popular products of the Allach factory. These pieces were produced to supply special gift items intended for loyal SS supporters.

Here are a few items for my collection to give some idea as to the type of items that the Allach factory produced.

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Very nice thread John & as usual always a pleasure to see your items. I've heard that very good copies are coming out of China these days, do you know anything of this & how to spot the differences?

All I have at the moment is a reproduction catalogue sad.gif .

Incidently, I saw the Luft pilot you desire recently in a little shop in Munich, there wasn't a price ticket on it......... I guess if you had to ask, you couldn't afford it....



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Marcus H   

Great stuff John,

We've sen each others before I think, but here's my favourite:it's the smaller of two I believe.

Any idea of a period of production on this German Shepherd, on when it was first produced at all ?



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A very nice piece, Marcus.

All I can tell you is that this No 11 model appears in the 38/39 Allach catalogue, was designed by the great Prof T K?rner and can also be found with the Rosenthal mark, the company K?rner worked for before moving to Allach. So, it would seem that K?rner took his designs with him and continued to produce his pieces under the Allach mark until the end.

I think I'm right in saying that all K?rner's early pieces only had ?T.K?rner? impressed into the base, and on being made a professor (date unknown) all his pieces were impressed with ?Prof Th. K?rner?.

Hope this helps..

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