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  1. so i was perusing ebay looking for my next british ribbon bar when i came across this auction for a supposed real VC ribbon bar!whats striking is that the seller doesn't say its a real VC bar just that it might be to a VC winner but yet the price still went crazy!!!! just seems to me that some people have more money then sense as its just a nice ribbon bar but nothing else with out more providence!!! http://www.ebay.ie/itm/321364371257?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  2. you think they would have at least downgraded a vc to a DCM!
  3. Yup looks like it!quiet a nice piece!not bad for E5!can the number be researched?(i suspect maybe not!) thanks!
  4. so picked a new zealand returned services pin from a little antique shop and i was wondering can the name of the owner be researched it has a number of 423615?i did have a look on there website so i think this one it a ww2 issue one but thats about all the info i can find!!can anyone help!!!thanks!!
  5. see im in two minds!it does look great(iv a MC thats nearly as dirty) but i cant help feeling you are losing the medal to the patina!i think a gently clean in warn soapy water would be a great help!is it named?do you mind if i ask how much you paid for it?
  6. ebay has a ribbon few lengths for sale! http://www.ebay.ie/i...=item4acf84bafb
  7. if you can get me a name i can check the 35 37 53 coronation rolls!
  8. with regard not naming ww2 medals it took something like 3 years+ to name the ww1 medals so with the shear volume that would have had to be named i can understand why they didnt!dont forget england wasnt in great shape post ww2 so not naming medals did kinda make sense!
  9. see the problem is the defence medal! the group suggest that the owner was on operation service in operational areas for probably all of the war but the defence medal suggest he had some none operational service!heres a link to the requirement for it,the defence medal can actually be quite hard to get also dont forget if this group was put together 10-15 years ago thats still 10-15 years of wear! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defence_Medal_%28United_Kingdom%29
  10. i think paul might be right!the defence medal is the real kicker for me!the owner would have had to be on the move and in nearly every theatre of war but still manged to get a defence medal!
  11. they wouild look like this! this is my shoulder board and ribbon bar set to rear admiarl patrick willet brock!the boards are work of art in them selfs!!!!
  12. ah so that who the admiral was!i saw this group getting split on ebay which was a great pity! still GREAT set!!!!!
  13. i recently got a book called "united satates decorations awarded to the armed forces of the british empire in world war 2 part 2 awards to navy and air force" and it lists all 175 bronze stars winners!pm me if you need me to check any names in it!
  14. hehe speak for yourself hugh i can wait to find out!should be a interesting story to these medals!
  15. heres a good guide on how to do it off the british medals forum! http://www.britishmedalforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=12964&hilit=court+mounting+guide
  16. pretty easy to be honest!il post a link of how to do it when i get home!
  17. whats to stop you buying them seperatly and mounting them?both are pretty easy to pick up and are unnamed?
  18. whats the name and service number on the ww1 trio?nice group!!!
  19. so was doing a clean out of books and found some docs that i hadnt seen in a while!one of them was this ek doc that i got about 10 years ago!its not really may thing any more and well i want to sell it to fund my british collection(and or a new pc!!) so was wondering how much would a doc like this go for? i hate these type of threads but i havent been able to find any for sale to get a idea of the value on these!so any help would be great!!thanks!!!
  20. thanks for the replies!with the GC i got one very very close match but he had an extra campaign star! paul would where could i get that book on GC winners and whats it name? heres another one! its to a George Medal winner!i bought "Dragons can be defeated" and got a few maybes so have to go back in detail on it! the bar itself looks like the MID was taken off put on the F&G star(you can see where the MID was on the WM!) anyone have any other sources for the GM?
  21. this one is an interesting one!the last ribbon is a US award that is sometimes awarded to british officers but from what i understand on a more unofficial level! so would there be list of officers who got this?again any help would be great!!!
  22. last up is a lovely Victorian ribbon bar that should be to a high ranking officer, iv checked the 1903 Dunbar but again no luck!i suspect though it might be the first row of a set of bars
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