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  1. Thanks than it will be the of the son who was a very active sportsman during his Ludovika period!
  2. And part 4: https://erikscollectables.wordpress.com/2016/09/28/gerrits-travels-part-4-eskimo-dog-sled-trip-to-dundas-mountain/ And the last part regarding Thule. Next will be regarding his 5 years in Vietnam..... https://erikscollectables.wordpress.com/2016/09/28/gerrits-travels-part-5-life-on-thule-air-base/
  3. Part three of the series on Gerrit's Travels with some of his possession from Greenland. https://erikscollectables.wordpress.com/2016/09/25/gerrits-travels-part-3-reminders-of-thule-air-base/
  4. And here is part 2 of this series of blogs. https://erikscollectables.wordpress.com/2016/09/24/gerrits-travels-part-2-missiles-and-planes-at-bmews-thule-air-base/
  5. Hi Jean-Paul, Sounds like even more extreme conditions there! What period was this and any photo's to share? All the best, Erik PS next episode probably on Saturday.
  6. At the moment I am working on a small series of blogs.They all concern the same person who worked (as a civilian) on several military contracts. The first series will be about his life on Thule Air base 1963/65, Greenland, home of BMEWS - the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System. Many previously unpublished photo's and materials from that period will appear in the blogs. After that a series will follow regarding his 5 years in Vietnam... If interestes please read the blog: https://erikscollectables.wordpress.com/2016/09/20/gerrits-travels-part-1-bmews-at-thule-air-base-greenland/
  7. Would certainly say so with the grenades and helmets and other extra's. Can you make a better picture?
  8. It has been a long time since there were any contributions so I'll restart the thread with a recent photo addition. Probably taken on one of the 1917/1918 Storm Courses
  9. Hello, Recently found this Hungarian overcoat for a major and was wondering of which branch it is? I know the regular colors but not this double coloured "paroli". Based on WW1 I thought it might be General Staff? Regards, Erik
  10. Hi all, The case is made of Alpacasilber as it reads on the case itself. The front has a group of signatures around the FJ "slogan" Viribus Unitis" So far I have identified 4 of the signatures. They seem to be of the Military Leadership of the Eastern Front of the "Verbundeten". AH: Top left: Erzherzog Friedrich FM (Feldmarschall) Bottom: Conrad von Hotzendorf Gen Oberst (to which he was promoted on june 23rd 1915 - and again promoted to General Feldmarschall on 23rd November 1916 German: Bottom left: Mackensen Bottom right: Von Hindenburg Any ideas for the other signatures? And is alpaca not a cheap material compared to the importance of the signatures?
  11. Bought this badge with a some Kappenabzeichen. Does not seem to be a Kappenabzeichen to me. More like a sidecap badge (like those of the Levente) with a space for a feather or something. Who can identify the badge for me?!
  12. This looks like a short version of the M1861 infantry officers sabre with some differences (straight short blade, not shortened and pommel for bayonet style frog use next to regular belt hooks). So it does not seem to be the M1907 Mountain troop sword for officers - but what is it?! All help welcome and thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks Markgraf! And good help to the new member by all of us !!!
  14. Very good! I missed that. The only difference is the ribbon? Regards, Erik
  15. You mean the two one in separate photo's? Looks like a group of a career officer who started in WW1 (as NCO, an officer to be first went through the ranks as part of his education). That explains the lower ranks medals from WW1. Seems he saw no active frontservice in WW2 though. If you give his name/location of birth/year of birth I can look him up. In the two seperate photo's are: Hungarian medal for long service (officers) 2nd class for 30 years of service And the Hungarian military variation (ribbon) of the Merit Medal in Bronze (also called signum laudis) Regrds, Erik
  16. Thanks Christer, the top left one also seems to be the oldest of the group.
  17. For Goudsmit it should have a MG+ in a rectangle. Most often in the ring for the ribbon, sometimes in the attachment between medal and crown. But probably there you'll find a sword - the general marking for silver. I used to have a website on the subject but it is outdated now. If you want to part with the medal do let me know it is a sound period example of around 1900/1920. The letters on the malteze cross are metallic inside of the enemal. Earlier examples would have gilt painted lettering on the white enamal. Regards, Erik
  18. Bought a Hungarian group of badges and these Bulgarian Border Guard badges came with them. No idea if these are rare?
  19. Recent addition to the collection, full size and miniature badge, both numbered 856
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