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  1. Thank you for posting them on such a short notice! It helps a lot. I made a cast into the negative counter part for that matter, and it seems all right to me when compared to the fake's.
  2. Indeed,I did mention that both held differences.. It would be intresting to see those fakes in order to compare. But on the other hand;differences on time pieces aren't that rare, one see them when comming from different makers. cheers |<ris
  3. Thanks a lot! Also for the extra pic's. Would you allow me to use them on the net? Best regards |<ris
  4. Love that medal! A box and a miniature are on my list. Here are my latest two;
  5. Thanks for your reply! Plain! So no makers marks!? I am trying to identify a button die with a skull that looks a lot like your button. It is n't the same, but the closest's I did get since I found it. I took the liberty of copying your pic on to mine in order to compare (if not allowed , please delete!). cheers |<ris
  6. Hello, could I ask you what it is? Is it a button? And if so could you show the back side please? cheers |<ris ps great collection!
  7. You can change your ebay adress and I am sure you must be able to find some one willing to use his ebay account to buy it for you.... |<ris
  8. Also a very rare, never issued, police fez. Only used by native police members in secundary important city's. In primory important city's the tri-color roundel was replaced by a roundel bearing the city logo, only one such a city got his own police city roundel and that was Leopold-ville. Note that the tricolor roundel has a reversed following up of the Belgian colors, thise was a regulation for all tricolor roundels on native uniforms. Last two time pictures aren't mine, courtesy http://kitokocongobelge.skyrock.com cheers |<ris
  9. Hey Chris, it probably might have!!.... Sadly no history to it from the place I got it. cheers |<ris
  10. Here some original die's, used for the making of different Weermacht /FP insigna's and medals;
  11. Here is one of my Belgian Congo official officers swords, pre 1908 periode. Next picture shows one on a time pic. Many Scandinavian volunteerd in the Weermacht/FP, the guy on the picture is a Dane in Belgian Congo service.
  12. Dog tags aren't my favourite militaria item, but thise one is! It is the badge of a person who served in the Belgian Weermacht / force publique in Belgian Congo. That army was founded in 1885 to protect and help the Belgian kolonialists in Congo. Only 100.000 European men served in that army from the start till the end in 1960. So imagine my surprise finding a legitimation badge / dog tag with a number as low as thise one. The coat of arms of Congo appearing on the badge tells it was used during the periode 1885 untill 1908, the time Congo was the private property of king Leopold II. Any Belgian Weermacht item of that periode (before 1908) is very rare to find. I think I must be able to find out to who the badge belonged with the number it bears, that might bring out a other surprise..... ;-) cheers |<ris
  13. Very nice medal, thanks for showing. It is on my list,..."to get one day"....! cheers |<ris
  14. Sorry, just noticed the way of posting images, so I will redo my post. Primary post can be deleted. A example of thise medal was recently sold on ebay.be;
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