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  1. Great to hear that you habe a hint. posible it is he but we need a picture to proof. It seems the engrave is done many years later.
  2. This is correct for the cross. But the breast star for the Kommandeurskreuz is different from the Grosskreuz. We See here the star for the commander. kind regards Alex
  3. Nice set, but the breast star isn’t the one for the great cross. It is the commander 1. class with swords.
  4. Very nice piece with lovely engraving. i have checked the Crew of L 4 and it is not Ruskowski because he wasn’t a Maschinistenmaat. Non of the Maschinistenmaate from L 4 looks like the guy from your picture. kind regards Alex
  5. Thanks John. This picture is amazing. @ Piotr What do you mean with FBS Putzig? Kind regards Alex
  6. I don't have the exact date but he joined LFS Hage Juli 1918 and late 1918 he Change to LFS Barge. On May 1919 he leave the navy. Olt. Baumbach signed as leader of LFS Barge on his service certificate. Kind regards Alex
  7. It seems the picture wasn't interessting enought. Maybe his pilot licence Kind regards Alex
  8. Picture of Flugzeug-Obermatrose Martin Jahre of LFS Hage and Barge. Picture taken during his pilot training at Berlin - Johannisthal 10/1917 - 07/1918. Landpilot badge awarded 6. Jan. 1919 Kind regards Alex
  9. Marine-Ober-Ingenieur Ernst Sprenger (1884 - 1960) pilot licence No. 426 on 04.06.1913 on an Albatros - Zweidecker at Johannisthal. 1913/1914 Marine-Flieger-Abteilung Putzig 1915 Stab Befehlshaber der Luftfahrabteilung (B.d.L.) 1915 SFS Holtenau for training to see pilot 1916 - 1918 Seeflugzeug-Versuchs-Kommando (SVK) (Warnemünde) 06.08.1915 -- see pilot badge
  10. Great display Alan. There is one more cross you can add to your collection. Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha Kriegserinnerungszeichen It is post war award but match to your collection Kind regards Alex
  11. Correct. He was on SMS König Albert until end of war "bis Ende". None of the Delius were Olt.z.S. at that time point. Rudolf Delius was already Kpt.Lt. since Jan. 1917 and Heinrich Delius still a Fhn.z.S. The rang makes no sence for me. Kind regards Alex
  12. Hi Gary, non of the existing Delius were in the navy aviation nor the airship service, as I wrote before. Here the entries from the Ehrenrangliste. 1. Kpt.Lt. Rudolf Delius. Delius is listed only with EK2 in the 1918 navy Rangliste. 2. Lt.z.S. Heinrich Delius. No awards listed for him on 1918 Rangliste. This is not an Ehrenpreis. If this piece has something to do with the navy avaition for sure not to Delius. Plaque, podest and eagles are put to gether imho. I don't remind to see a picture of the plaque. Can you post one please. Kind regards Alex
  13. And here the observer badge from the same maker. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Beobachter-Abzeichen-der-Reichsmarine-mit-Expertise-/163247235840?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=7%2FsJ0vwKMBuEDjnjJK6xXwQgz9g%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc Kind regads Alex
  14. Thanks for posting this nice badges on this thread. It is hard to keep alone this thread alive . The interest on navy aviation increased in the last years but not many pieces are displayed. Once I had a simillar badge but this is many years ago 😞 Kind regards Alex
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